I hate final reduction sale when I'm flat broke!

So I went to Plaza Indonesia with my mom. It's stupid I know that I should've avoided that shopping heaven while I only have like $50 in my skinny purse and my savings are penniless. I'm totally broke, and so are my parents. :((

First thing first, I gave my eyes and my feet a shoes theraphy by entering Rococo, tried a Betsey Johnson ankle boots and L.A.M.B strappy platform sandal. No baby, there's no way for me to buy em. I only have $50 in my purse, remember? And I don't have credit card simply because none of the banks in the whole wide world would approve someone who doesn't earn at least $500/month like me :D

In the end I spent my last $50 for Zara peep toe booties though. :(( I did really wanted to buy the knee high boots but my mom wouldn't donate enough so that I could afford that. Okay, I let em go, took them back to the display table with tears falling down from my eyes *exaggerated*.

The worst thing was I kept on getting myself a shoes theraphy from store to store. I popped in Pedder Red and found this darn fierce strappy studded suede shoes and I was like "ohhh fuckkkk!!!". Okay well, I couldn't afford it anyway. It's $100 and remember? I only had $50. :(( Next destination was Ninewest, nothing really captivated me anyway. And the last stop was Linea (I skipped On Pedder and Louboutin because I didn't wanna eat my heart out), and there was another lovely studded shoes sitting fiercely and yes, there's no need to mention the price since you already know I have no cash in my purse anymore, it all went to Zara cashier machine and there's no way to have it back.

Oh la. It's all about shoes, shoes, and shoes. I'm a shoefetish who's willing to prostitute myself for the sake of the dream shoes *exaggerated part II*. I hate expensive clothes and won't spend more than $50 for that, but I love shoes no matter how expensive they are and how broke I am.
à plus tard!


evita nuh said…
love the shoes! and your outfit too!!
Anonymous said…
Love how you sat ...

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