C'etait supér cool!

I write this on my way home by taxi. My foot hurts but I'm happy. It's been like a month or two since my last duty coming to a fashion event. Hoho! I just attended the grand opening of Louis Vuitton global store at Plaza Indonesia. It was super rad. FYI, it's the biggest Louis Vuitton store in South-East Asia! Michelle Yeoh apparently made an appearance but I didn't see her. Not even at the after party! :p
I promise you all to upload plenty of photos I took as soon as possible. But well, I'm still on the cab and am kinda sleepy now. Blame it on the cocktails and champagnes, then!


Anonymous said…
she was there darling! at the boutique, she's sitting in the VIP room, and in the after party she's sitting in the vip area near DJ Booth along with LV asia pacific head and ibu Dian. . hehehehe. .
Unknown said…
oh yaaa?? ooppsie I didn't know that LOL.. I should make a quick editing! thankies jamessssssssss

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