Dududu Dadada

I really really love Karl Lagerfeld and that's why I am learning French :p So now I'm proudly presenting my thrift finds which apparently quite resemble to Chanel Spring/Summer 2008's jumper as you guys can see at the pictures below.

And my thrifted version... Dududu.. Dadada..
Let's add a touch of studs :)
white shirt: bought in Bali
jumper: thrift store
studs belt: zara
turquoise tights: h&m
lace tights: forever 21
peep-toe booties: zara

Chanel pics credit: style.com


I love the second look you posted especially, and your take on it is fabulous as well! The tights you choose give it the perfect finishing touch! <3

wow, great job on replicating the chanel outfit. and thank u so much for stopping by my site! see u at tFS, too. :)
Anonymous said…
ternyata itu korden ya? love your pose girl....
i'm fallin in loe with your tight....andai saja di SBY ini ada H&M...
Nice blog dah aku masukin ke Google Reader aku ... ;)
amy said…
SO SO SO GLAD that I found this! I have a jumper so similar to this look. I can now find a new way to wear it thanks to your post. You look wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

stay beautiful
talk to you soon
Unknown said…
thank you so much all :)

bisous xoxo
Kay said…
That is so perfect with the belt!
Love it.

Cici Liu Putra said…
C, kerenan lu nya deh daripada chanel.. seriuss.. ;)
Anonymous said…

ga ada matinya dah si tante

btw lo megang peggy berasa paris megang cihuahua-nya hahaha
Anonymous said…
keren bgd!!
serius itu dari thrift store??
kompak sama peggy-nya..
hitam putih....
ko gue lebih suka lyad versi lo daripada chanel-nya ya? hehe...

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