Stylish doesn't have to be Stylist

Funny how people still so clueless about the differences between 'Stylish' and 'Stylist". Or maybe they never open a dictionary or what? I always laugh my ass off when I read someone writes "Fashion Stylish" and/or "You're so stylist!". Please people, if you think you really know what the differences are, I beg you to re-read what you write before you click the button or else I'll ask you questions like: have you ever met a Stylist who hates to be Stylish? Or someone Stylish who doesn't want to work as a Stylist?

Hint: Seriously, Stylish ≠ Stylist

By the way, I just found this blog. Very interesting. You stylisH people really need to read this! (No fashion related, though. But it's worth reading!)

Have a nice day!


totally agree;)
checking out that link.
Andhari said…
You're so stylist! LOL.
You're the stylishest stylish stylist.

ok im confused. :P
oh the topic we've talked about and laughed at a lot.

btw, you're a stylist stylish hahahaha...
Unknown said…
thanks for dropping by the site by the way! i just did a feature on a local designer--- check it out and lemme know what you think of his stuff?

hahaha funny post...i've never heard people confuse the 2 but maybe i wasn't paying much attention? will def. now. haha
Unknown said…
@ nina: maybe because English isn't our 1st language here in Indonesia. :D
Mayra said…
LOL. You're so stylist!
hahaha funny post.....
Emili said…
you're a stylist or stylish hahahaha... LOL

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