Joyeux Anniversaire!

Dear readers, I turn 22 today! Happy birthday to me! :D

I didn't celebrate my birthday simply because I was not in the mood to celebrate it. So I decided to go out for birthday lunch with my parents and enjoyed my quality time with them. I have spent too much times going out with my friends, so why couldn't I just spare one day to hang out with my parents, right?
Oh well, these are the pictures of the little me back in late 80's and/or early 90's (great eras! hehe). I really love these pics. It makes me want to have a kid sooo bad ;D
3 years old me. :)

4 years old me. :)

5th birthday bash at my grandma's house :D

Ah, I just won a pair of Topshop slouchy boots (brand new without box) on eBay for only £0.99 (around $1,47) but the seller fukin cancels the transaction. First she asked me not to pay as she counts the postage, while on the fukin listing I can see clearly how much the shipping cost to Indonesia is! She blamed me for not asking before bidding (ah, weird!) and then she fukin raised the postage from £5 to £10. Not fair, don't you think? Before I ever replied her message, she cancelled the transaction. It's just soo not professional, no? She set the starting bid at £0.99 and I was the only bidder, then she cancelled the transaction. Very nice.
Not my luck. *sigh* :p


Happy Birthday! you seem to have been stying even at a young age! xx
KAREN said…
Happy Birthday! so cute!!!!!
I'm sorry about the ebay thingy,but I must say that your winning bid is pretty insane.GBP 0.99 for a new boots?!! wow!
dinadinadina said…
lucu bener nekk?
tetep gaya ye dari kecil..
skali lagi met ulang taun yaa...
thank you so much for the comment, sweetie. PS: You are the cutest little thing in those photos up above!! :]

happy birthday again, chekka!! you were an adorable baby.

btw, so sorry about the ebay mishap. that's just wrong...negative feedback here you come! haha
Unknown said…
ah that's bad ebay ettiqutte, i've sold plenty of stuff for a low price, it's just the way it goes sometimes. thanks for your lovely comment and have a great birthday!
Narita Helgania said…
u look cute
uda keliatan ya bokk dari kecil lihai bergaya *big grin*
huappy birthday ya sayang
moga2 makin hits and "stylish" ajahh
dan soal ebay yang ngehe mah tenanggg
there are still lots of affordable and awesome stuffs u can get from ebay, right? hahahhahaa
Narita Helgania said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
selly octavia said…
Happy B Day!!!
I'm very sorry to hear that... It sucks so much isn't it??
happy birthday my dearest luv!
ckckck, dandanan anda waktu kecil siap masuk video clip anak2 di taman mini kok! cucok nek!
PEPS said…
happy birthday chekka
wah naluri fashionnya udah keliatan dari poto2 pas masih kecil hehe
Bad Bad Bad eBayer! Negative feedback now! haha..

Thanks for the nice comment, I'm going to "burn" my next shirt soon!
Phuce said…
Happy birthday darling..

Udah Hits lo yee dari kecil dan baru sadar pipi lo tembem banget, hwe..

Koq bisa kejadian di ebay nyebelin gitu? Biasanya lancar2 aja. Mudah-mudahan nti ada penawaran yg lebih ok..
lola said…
hpyy b'day!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!
I've been reading your blog and totally love it xoxo
Chekka Cuomova said…
I finally gave a NEUTRAL feedback (boooooo).. I've been reconsidering her apology and I didn't have a heart to gave her negative feedback (yea yea so lame, rightttt) soooo.. whatever.. hope it won't happen again!

anyway, THANKS everyone.. thanks thanks thanks.. love you all ;D
Happy belated Bday Che! :)
t a l i s h a said…
happy belated bday.. btw if i hvent asked u alrdy, can i link ur blog?? still drooling over ur steve madden shoes!! kyaaaa..
Chekka Cuomova said…
@ devi: thankies dear ;)

@ talisha: sure dear, thank you! :)

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