Mourning Air

So what's on your screen now is Behind The Scene Priyo Oktaviano for Batik Danar Hadi portfolio photoshoot. Feeling a lil bit spooky? Yes indeed, it was damn spooky! The photoshoot was at Jonathan Mulya's burnt house, such a 'beautiful' place for fashion photoshoot but not for those who can feel the strange energy a.k.a have a sixth sense.
Wouldn't it be 'nice' if you can smell the freshly baked bread in the air, precisely at a single spot. And no one baking, no bread vendors outside the house, it's seulement the strong smell. Nice.
And as I was writing this post, suddenly my internet connection went down. I didn't know why. Ah, just leave the spooky thingy! Let me just finish this post with the power of my blackberry. Huh! :(


di gw baik2 ajaaa! sugess sugess! hahaha! thx luv!

dinadinadina said…
Narita Helgania said…
hebat idenya..kerenn
cuma dari poto2 lo aja udah berasa ngerinya..gmn langsung ke tempatnya ya bokkk
tapi sumpah..dahsyat bokk poto2nyaaa
Anonymous said…
the place looks scary!
great photos

Ms. Match said…
Great photos! Did you take these yourself? Btw rumah ini di mana sih?
wow, that place is scary indeed! but it's perfect for a photoshoot. it's that kind of places that make a rich location for photoshoots imo.
i bet the pictures will turn out great!

added you to my blogroll :)
Spooky indeed, there's always something haunting, but compelling to me, about burnt down and abandoned places.

Thanks for your sweet comment, by the way! <3

Anonymous said…
love the idea chekka..:)
u remind me of one of my best friend ;p..
ur face, the way u write.. beda dari indo fashion blogger lainnya, although mereka jg!sama juga kaya tmnmu ya?stain on my red shoes?blognya jg keren...;p
seems great to be your friend ya..hihi..
when was it??? argghhh...why didn't james and you take me to the photo shoot! :(

did you get you outfit pictures taken in the very same location? i got the feeling you did. post it! post it! i wanna see....
Anonymous said…
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