Quick Updates

Hello lovely readers, how was your weekend? I'm so excited when I checked out this blog and read all the sweet comments you left. :) Thanks everyone! It means so much to me, I really appreciate it and please keep 'em coming. I'd like to hear what you say. ;)
And please coming back to find more updates, I'm trying my best to keep this blog updated at least every 1-3 days. Seriously, without you guys I'm nothing hehehehe. I'm really sorry I can't do the Today's Outfit photoshoot everyday because... well honestly, I don't dress up to go to campus so what's the point of taking my campus outfit? Hehehe. And besides, I'm not into taking self-portrait using tripod (I don't have a wireless remote), because it takes so much energy. Translation: I need a boyfriend who could be my personal photographer LOL
Oh well, that's my quick updates for now. So, tell me what you've been up to? ;)
Thrifted blazer. DIY necklace. Next top.


dinadinadina said…
ngga klyadan kalungnya..
tapi blazer nya keren..
haha.. bisa aja lo dpt barang keren di Thrifted store. ckckck..
mantabhlah ngampus pake bgini, marshanda aja mpe minggat ya bu.. LOL
Victoria Jin said…
i added you to my list :)

i LOLed at the part about the boyfriend. SAME HERE! ahh what i'd do for a boy who would do that :)

yeah i've been trying to update a lot too, but there has been so much going on during spring break these days!
PrincessImp. said…
Reading readers' comments is one of the most fun things about having a blog. You can always use the self-timer on your camera to take your own shots...your thrifted blazer is cute :)
Fashionology said…
I love your jacket!!!! <3
You're so cute :)
I love your blog header!

Narita Helgania said…
blazernya HITS
ga bisa berkata2 gua hehe
KAREN said…
loving that blazer!!!!!
Jen said…
Oooh I love that blazer! Very nice :)
wow, that blazer is AWESOME. and i would love to exchange links w/you! i'll link yours on mine right now. :)
kadler said…
Cute blazer!

I just found your blog, but it's great to meet other Asia Pacific bloggers. Can't wait to see what else you come up with :)

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