Nominated: Tongue in Chic ASA 09

Such a big surprise when a friend of mine told me that I am nominated in Tongue in Chic Annual Style Awards 2009 as The Best Fashion Stylist. Whoaa, I was like "What are you kidding me? I'm a fukin newbie in this industry I don't think I deserve this nomination." But well, I'm so thankful to be nominated, it's a HUGE appreciation for my works :')

My tutor, Thornandes James, is also nominated as The Best Fashion Stylist. I think he deserves it MORE that I do. :)



t a l i s h a said…
Woww this is hugee. Congrats, u deserve it. I've voted for u btw (
Phucephuce said…
Wewww.. Congrats darling!! <3 <3 <3
shazz said…
I've voted for you!!!! Good luck!!! =)
laura said…
ohmygosh! congrats!! what an honour, best of luck x

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