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I bet Cinderella would have uncountable orgasms if the Prince Charming give her those incredibly amazing shoes. And after that, I bet Cinderella would let him go marrying her step sister or another woman because she could just masturbate with those shoes and she'd die happy. Glass slippers? Oh come on, only the lame and old-fashioned Cinderella would wear that!

These are my fave picks from SS and FW 2010. Mind my sense of shoes. :)


Nora said…
those shoes are SICK!! nice post. =))

u-ung said…
want them all!!! ARRRGGHH..!!!

Anonymous said…
i die! tp kalo dijkt kmane bu dipakenya..yg ada itu sepatu rusak semua..nangis darah..
t a l i s h a said…
love those shoes.. one day, i'm gonna bring home one of those.. hahhahahahahaha..
Ezra said…
honestly have never seen a post about this many good shoes. Very cool.
Owen said…
aw my, those shoes are killers!
have a great day!
Vina said…
lots of nice shoes there! want some! :9
mmm they make me drool sweet droplets of lust!
Anonymous said…
Shoes are definitely my weak point, and these are just CRAZY!! Well done!

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Miy said…
Oh-My-Gooooood.. those shoes are really really, well..what more can I say, sexy! The details give me a kick,, those sweet shoes.. aahhhhh.. if only we can freely wear those kinda shoes here in Indonesia.. ugh.. *and if only they were more and more attainable..* ;)

Oh, please do visit my wonderland, dear.. and lets exchange link, shall we?

Anonymous said…
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