Holy Majoly, Holly Suan Gray!

image courtesy: hollysuangray.com

Looking at her works simply tortures me! I really love how she creates some kind of mystical energy in her editorials: old and abandoned buildings, fear-arousing images, ghost-inspired story, ugly looking models, etc. Her magnificent portfolio takes my breath away and make me feel like I'd better of dead. Yes I'm so dead! She's a genius!! *swoon*


an artistic picture then...like it!
Cindy said…
wow amazing shoot there!
Peter Carew said…
Brilliant collection..really cool
t a l i s h a said…
yeah, amazing photographer. after all it's not about pretty faces and skinny legs.. it all boils down to the depth and the personalities within :)
Remarquable c'est tout simplement sublime et un peu diabolique quand même.


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