>> Monday, August 30, 2010

Introducing my (settled) online portfolio! Please kindly visit:
and don't hesitate to leave me a feedback so that I could improve my styling skill. Or maybe you could give me a fantastic opportunity such as a commercial shoot project, perhaps? *big grin*


Light is Her Footfall

>> Friday, August 27, 2010

 Thrifted polkadot top + culotte pants.
Forever 21 necklace styled as a ribbon. Burberry RTW SS 08 shoes.

Nowadays I've been slightly busy recollecting and re-posting my styling portfolio to a new home. A couple of photographers haven't emailed me the photos so I have to wait until I get all the photos, upload and post them, buy a domain, then voila *big grin*. Nothing too amazing, though. I am still learning to improve my skill so don't expect to see something Vogue-ish or Numero-ish. Well, not yet. :)

I actually have something nasty to bitch tell you about but I don't think it's appropriate to share it here, so I might just write it down on my another blog, written in Bahasa Indonesia. Curious much? :p


Portfolio: Jian Mason

>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shyly present my premier styling portfolio pour homme :")
Photographer: Raditya Arya Pratama
Wardrobe: Beth pour Homme by Elizabeth Melissa

Photographer: Bona Soetirto
Wardrobe: Jeffry Tan, Bona's property

Photographer: Hakim Satriyo
Wardrobe: Beth pour Homme by Elizabeth Melissa, Tyas Pradninta
Jeffry Tan, Danjyo Hiyoji
MUA: Harumi
This one is published in Dew Magazine "Midnight" issue.


Shoes and Your Crap

>> Monday, August 23, 2010

It's actually a long overdue story I should've shared months ago.
So, does anyone know what happens to Just in case you don't know what the hell is, it's a blog online 'store' run by a (pretty) famous fashion blogger, luluandyourmom, that sells many many high-fashion items like designers shoes, bags, clothes, etc. I bought three pairs of shoes from her, it only cost me $150 including shipping to my country, paid on NOVEMBER 2009, and by January 2010 I still haven't received the shoes so I shoot them an email asking if they've sent my shoes. I've bought lotsa stuff from US/UK before and none of them took more than a month to arrive.

Two weeks waiting but still there was no reply from her. I smelt something wasn't right so I filed a dispute on paypal before it's too late. But sadly, after an awful loooooong investigation from paypal (because this blogger didn't respond at all), I got nothing but this from paypal:

"After careful consideration, we're unable to decide this claim in your favor at this time."

I was bloody upset! I can't file a chargeback because I paid them using my paypal balance. And so I tried to terror her by sending mails by mails asking for a refund. I’ve sent her emails, asked via twitter, even I cynically mentioned her name on twitter for not shipping out my stuff or at least get back to my emails but still, no respond at all. I've become so mad to see how she still updates her fashion blog, posting outfits, and even making sales on eBay but still NOT replying my email, not even once. And oh, talking about the shoesandyourmom blog, it's never been updated again since November 2009. First the blogger disabled comments on the blog, and now the blog is open to invited readers only. Wow.

I know $150 might not mean so much for some people, but it means a lot to me. It sucks to have to pay for something you don't even have. I don't know if there anything else I can do to get a refund as it's been months and trying to communicate with her is just a waste of energy. Maybe it's just too late but helloooo, this fellow blogger is still updating her fashion blog would it take so much effort just to reply just one of my emails? :( 

Too bad shoesandyourmom ended like this, it used to be one of my favorite place to grab a bargain. Is there anyone who also had the same or similar problem with shoesandyourmom? Share with me please!


Wouldn't it be Nice

>> Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thrifted blazer and dress. Sepatu Kemala shoes.

It's always a good good sign when a good friend decided to open a shop, a shoe shop to be exact, because the chance to get a great affordable shoes is getting bigger! So this friend of mine who's been designing and selling shoes for a year, finally launched her store in Tebet. When she just started the business, I used to tell her to make something different rather than flats shoes and middle-heeled shoes (because I am not that keen on flats and such, LOL). Now that her business grows, she granted my *request*. See these beautiful babies? The 60's-inspired sculptured 13,5cm heels and 2,5cm platform is indeed my cup of tea. This shoes instantly becomes my favorite because they're sooo light and also unbelievably comfortable, I could even run in a slope! And I tell you what, they don't cost you more than $30. Nice, eh? :D
Wearing them with my favorite thrifted blazer and dress, my favorite bracelets, and my dad's favorite socks.

Kemala Balcony
Square Inc 2nd Floor
Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam No. 7 Jakarta Selatan


How does it Make You Feel?

>> Friday, August 13, 2010

I literally felt the sensation that could be equal to an orgasm when I found these:

What a piece of....HEAVEN, really! My jaw dropped to the floor and I felt like someone just smacked me on the crotch, these shoes are insane! I wonder who/what the heck is Gasoline Glamour? I thought Alexander McQueen, Rodarte, Pierre Hardy, etc were crazy enough when it comes to haute couture shoes but I was bloody bloody wrong. These shoes just plain amazing and they cost $$$$ on eBay and I've never even heard it before?
Saved by Google, I found their website (not so high fashion site, dominated by punk/emo/gothic style on the index page) and saw loads of amazing shoes and accessories BUT in my very honest opinion, they're slightly overpriced. I mean, it's just effing scary to throw thousands dollars on shoes you can't try on nor even touch before you pay. But if I had that much money to blow, I wouldn't mind spending it for them even though I might not have the guts to wear them because heaven knows I wouldn't want to ruin it. It's such a masterpiece craftsmanship! Every details of the shoes are amazing. But still, to me $4000++ for a pair of shoes is just too much :))
I am sure Lady Gaga and mama Kate Lanphear will love these babies as much as I do. Do you guys love them or loathe them? Tell me what you think!

ps: if you have money grows on your head and you think you can afford it, go to Gasoline Glamour website or just click here to BIN on eBay. Their prices range from $2450 - $6500 on eBay (yes, they're as expensive as a super rare Chanel bag). Good luck and don't forget to faking show it to the world. :D


Gagging Order

>> Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Swan men's shirt. Mango pants. DIY necklace + Forever21 necklace.
Assorted bracelets. Bebe strappy platform wedges.

This is exactly how I look in my daily style. Always opt to wear menswear and anything black and white to hide my not-so-flattering curves, and also a touch of towering heels/platforms to make me look (slightly) taller. For your information, I am not that creative when it comes to style myself. I wear the same old stuff over and over again until you might get sick of it. Strange as it seems, but I do feel like something isn't in the right place if I don't pair one certain thing with another one. Do you guys experience the same thing too or is it just me being a total weirdo?


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