Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates due to my incredible hiatus. I'm currently in Hong Kong right now working on a photoshoot and I promise I'll post an update real soon. :)
Ps: I'm married now. Guess some of you must be surprised. Teehee. It's been more than a month and I still haven't got the perfect time to upload the wedding pictures. Been too busy! I swear I will manage to show em all to you in the next few days.
Have a nice day!



Unknown said…
Wow, I'm so surprised and so glad to he hear that

Congratulation, wish u live happily ever after

I cant wait to see your next posting, it must be great, I guess

John B. Marine said…
Congratulations on your marriage (or whatever expression translates to "getting married")! Though I haven't been here in a while, I still am a fan of "Chekka Cuomova" and your amazing posts. Take care and have a wonderful day/night!

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