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Heyho everyone,
This would be one of the first motherhood posts on this blog. Kinda funny realizing how I have entered a new phase in my life that I’ve never imagined before. If you read through my first posts when I just started this blog, I was just a poor shameless little girl who aspired to score a job in fashion industry. And now, look at me, I got the job and I am no longer a girl now. I am a mother.
Much of a melancholic as I am, sometimes I can’t help reminiscing the ups and downs of my pregnancy. Despite the consistent nausea and vomiting, I was forced to be tough because my job demanded me to do one hell of tasks plus I gotta run errands all day carrying tons of fashion loans by myself. Plus I also had to take care of house chores when I got home. It was extremely exhausting and stressful but I tried not to be consumed by it because I worried it’d affect my baby. And when my baby was born, I started to worry about almost everything! From how to breastfeed correctly, how to signal baby’s cries, and the last but not the least, how to take a good care of her super sensitive skin!
A week ago I went to Mommies Daily gathering to join Pamper’s “Dari Kandungan ke Dunia” talk show. FYI, this is the first parenthood event that I ever attended and from there I learned a lot, about baby skincare especially. Unlike adult skin, baby skin is very sensitive and prone to rashes because it's not perfectly developed, therefore it surely takes an extra care for baby skin to keep it healthy and germ-free. Maintaining the cleanliness of baby's clothes and diapers would be the best thing moms can do to their babies. So when it comes to picking the right diapers, one of the things every moms need to pay attention to is that the type of materials used which are very important. New Pampers diapers contain aloe vera that's clinically proven to prevent diaper rash and not to mention the improved design for maximum comfort. Moms will always want to give the best, right? Plus, doesn’t it feel nice to touch baby’s smooth and healthy cheeky bums?
Last but not least, Mommies Daily & Pamper's are having bloggers writing contest and we invite you to submit your first pregnancy and delivery stories! Click the link for further details:
And now please check the video below. Very beautiful! :')


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