Sleep Like a Child

Hello fashionable mommas. I am wondering, did you really get enough sleep after having a baby?
In my case, I didn't. At least for the first 2 months, I totally forgot how it was like to have a good sleep. Unfortunately at that time, I never heard of any kind of toys that could help me get my daughter to sleep. But now, lucky you new mamas, we have Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse as your little helper!
Let me tell you why this cute lil seahorse is beyond important to help our kids get to the dream land. Sleeping is also one of the most important things every children needs in their daily basis and in fact, it will help them to function and develop properly. I know sometimes it gets really hard to put our babies to sleep, it takes an awful lot of efforts just to do so. I can still remember vividly how I spent the first 60+ nights rocking my Dylo and sang her lullabies, when I got tired of rocking then I downloaded lullaby apps and give her a listen (just to soothe her!), I lent all my body parts to be cuddled until she fell asleep, and the list goes on. Guess what, except for the rocking part, all of those is exactly what Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorses are for!
This mom's favorite Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse is a wonderful night time friend for baby. When he is cuddled, his belly gently glows and he plays over 5 minutes of music and ocean sounds. After 5 minutes, the sounds and lights will gently fade out so as not to disturb baby. The size is also just perfect for baby to hug, not to mention that it is also super soft and cuddly. If only I could ask, I would like to have a bigger one for myself! Teehee.
Last but not least, Fisher-Price Indonesia is having an uber cyooot contest called #bayikubobo and I really think every moms with babies and/or toddlers should join. Simply visit the page to read all the terms before you register your little one to the contest, upload the most adorable picture of your precious love while he/she was sleeping, and get vote as much as you can! Easy as one, two, three. Don't forget to like and follow Fisher-Price Indonesia social medias right about now and let's share the cuteness altogether!
Twitter: (@FisherPrice_ID)
Instagram: (fisherprice_id)


Alamanda said…
There are all cute! Love them! Nice info ^^
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