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Seven Days with Wallis Dress Edit Collection

>> Friday, July 25, 2014

Heyho everyone!
If you're following my Instagram then I bet you should've known that in the past few days I've been posting my OOTD (Outfit of The Day) photos wearing lots of super chic stuff from Wallis Dress Edit Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. As you might also realize, I haven't done much outfit posts for quite a long time since I was pregnant because I wasn't really comfortable with my new size and body shape (say bye bye to skinny figure). Plus, I didn't feel like buying one hell of new clothes with unfamiliar size, hence the very lack of (outfit) posts.
Taking this sweet offer from Wallis was actually a part of my self-challenge scenario so that I could keep this blog alive. Much to my surprise, Wallis Dress Edit Collection happens to fit like a glove and its materials are truly flattering to the wearer's body. Even when I was a size XS, I wasn't really confident pulling off jumpsuits but this time is different. I love wearing these fabulous Wallis jumpsuits to bits! And last but not least, I'd like to tell you that Wallis collections look a whole lot better when worn. Gotta love Wallis!
 Argyle & Oxford coat, Wallis floral dress, Coach clutch, Miu Miu pumps.
 Thrifted blazer, Wallis dress, Zara clutch, Prada shoes
 Mom's vintage blazer, Wallis floral print dress, Michael by Michael Kors bag, Miu Miu shoes.
 Thrifted blazer, Wallis dress, Zara clutch, Celine shoes.
Thrifted ruffles shirt, Wallis spots jumpsuits, Zara blazer + bag, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.
Marks & Spencer fur waistcoat, Wallis dress, Michael by Michael Kors bag, Celine shoes.
Zara blazer, Wallis jumpsuit, Zara clutch, Valentino shoes.

That's all, folks! Have a great day.


Stories from Womb to World

>> Monday, June 30, 2014

Heyho everyone,

This would be one of the first motherhood posts on this blog. Kinda funny realizing how I have entered a new phase in my life that I’ve never imagined before. If you read through my first posts when I just started this blog, I was just a poor shameless little girl who aspired to score a job in fashion industry. And now, look at me, I got the job and I am no longer a girl now. I am a mother.
Much of a melancholic as I am, sometimes I can’t help reminiscing the ups and downs of my pregnancy. Despite the consistent nausea and vomiting, I was forced to be tough because my job demanded me to do one hell of tasks plus I gotta run errands all day carrying tons of fashion loans by myself. Plus I also had to take care of house chores when I got home. It was extremely exhausting and stressful but I tried not to be consumed by it because I worried it’d affect my baby. And when my baby was born, I started to worry about almost everything! From how to breastfeed correctly, how to signal baby’s cries, and the last but not the least, how to take a good care of her super sensitive skin!
A week ago I went to Mommies Daily gathering to join Pamper’s “Dari Kandungan ke Dunia” talk show. FYI, this is the first parenthood event that I ever attended and from there I learned a lot, about baby skincare especially. Unlike adult skin, baby skin is very sensitive and prone to rashes because it's not perfectly developed, therefore it surely takes an extra care for baby skin to keep it healthy and germ-free. Maintaining the cleanliness of baby's clothes and diapers would be the best thing moms can do to their babies. So when it comes to picking the right diapers, one of the things every moms need to pay attention to is that the type of materials used which are very important. New Pampers diapers contain aloe vera that's clinically proven to prevent diaper rash and not to mention the improved design for maximum comfort. Moms will always want to give the best, right? Plus, doesn’t it feel nice to touch baby’s smooth and healthy cheeky bums?
Last but not least, Mommies Daily & Pamper's are having bloggers writing contest and we invite you to submit your first pregnancy and delivery stories! Click the link for further details:
And now please check the video below. Very beautiful! :')


Let The Day Begin

>> Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Heyho everyone.
Sincerely apologize for the long delay. My new role as a mom and an employee (yes, I've said goodbye to freelancing once again) demands a lot of time and energy, so I find it really hard to squeeze my time to sit and write something here. However, I'd like to share to you guys that I'm now working full-time as the Fashion Editor of Harper's Bazaar Indonesia. It's been only a few months and I'm pretty much enjoying it! For those who've been following my blog since I first started it must have known how much I love fashion journalism. Back in 2007-2008 I tried so hard to score an internship opportunity in local lifestyle magazines until my beloved mentor Thornandes James found me and gave me the ticket to enter Indonesia's fashion industry. You see, it takes a long time, one hell of efforts plus trials and errors, and a bucket full of dramas to actually get the hang of this so-called coveted role. It ain't an easy job, obviously. You can't expect to get the title as soon as you graduate from school, you gotta start from the bottom level to absorb the knowledge and skills as much as you can. Working is always about learning something until you become an expert. I'm still not an expert to the moment I type this, but at least now I can show you things I've learned from years and years working my ass off in this industry. ;)
 (Harper's Bazaar Indonesia April 2014 & May 2014 issue)

To compensate the lack of blog updates, you can find my writings on Harper's Bazaar Indonesia magazine or website. Not only that, you can also get the latest scoops of what's going on in Indonesia's fashion scene by following Harper's Bazaar Indonesia social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter, which I and all my colleagues will be contributing daily.

That's all for today. Have a great day everyone!


Instagram Diary

>> Sunday, February 2, 2014

Heyho lovelies. You see I have been absent for quite a long time since I got pregnant, and now that my little one has turned 6 months old I decided to return and make this blog revived (again). As a starter, I'd like to post something no-brainer for an easy warm-up: instagram post that is. In case you haven't followed my instagram account, here's some bits of it that I'd like to share.
Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! For those who've been following my blog it ain't a surprise that my fascination with shoes seems to get even more severe. I wish I could post each shoes I own on my blog but since it's rather impossible to do so, at the moment instagram becomes my trustworthy media to showcase my babies.
Now let me introduce you my one and only miracle, also the reason of my long absence in this blogging world, Dylan Alodya Adiarso. She's the one who's gonna inherit all of my shoes and vintage stuff. Haha.
Have a nice day, everyone!


Kirkwood Lovesick Singalong

>> Wednesday, July 17, 2013

As a self-proclaimed shoe whore, I have my very own list of favorite shoe designers and one of them is Nicholas Kirkwood. I first noticed his amazing works for Rodarte's Spring Summer 2010 collection, yes remember that badass spike steel heels? Then his sick design stroke again for Rodarte's Fall 2010-2011 collection in which he created melted wax look-alike heels. I was like, who the hell designed those shoes?! Must be some kind of genius, I bet. So I researched his name and read every articles about him I could find on fashion sites and forums, and that's how I became a die-hard fan since then.
Last month, I got a very surprising and exciting news that Nicholas Kirkwood was going to Jakarta to launch his Spring Summer 2012 collection at On Pedder Jakarta. I asked my dearest fellow, Dien Tirto Buwono (the editor-in-chief of Fimela Girl), if I could come with her and actually meet the designer in person and she said yes! Quel joy! I was starstruck when I met him, I could even barely say a single thing at the meet-and-greet session. However, I did managed to have my most favorite Nicholas Kirkwood pair signed by the designer himself and that was one of the best parts of my life.
Here are some photos I snatched from Dien Tirto Buwono and Yoland Handoko's instagram (and mine too).
The shop was very crowded and he was in hurry so he misspelled my name. I really don't mind, Mr. Kirkwood. Chakka sounds just fine to me. :')
By the way, The Outnet is currently having big markdowns on Nicholas Kirkwood shoes. I spotted tons of beautiful pairs being sold for a fraction of price (see the pic above? Those are my picks from the web). If you're size 40 you gotta be lucky to score some pretty great deals. My sizes (37-38) are mostly sold out already. Make sure you don't miss the bargains!


Sounds of Silence

>> Sunday, June 16, 2013

In case you're wondering where I have been all of this time that I accidentally made this blog seemed to be neglected, the answer is, in the past 7 months or so I was way too busy and too exhausted to blog. Did that explain? Well, please kindly spare your time to read the brief summary of my long absence. Here we go.
On December 2012 I found out that I am pregnant! *big grin* I had quite a hard time during the first trimester due to the all-day sickness my pregnancy caused. Strange as it sounds, my pregnancy hormones made me feel nauseous everytime I see anything fashion-related that I didn't even feel like dressing up at all. Hence the absence of my outfit posts.
Not only that, my decision to sign a contract with a publishing company brought a new wave of hiatus to my life. I started to work full-time where I was responsible to conduct lots of photoshoots and write some articles for at least three magazines all at once. It was a pretty fun, challenging, yet awfully exhausting period for me (seriously, your energy drains so much faster when you're pregnant!), but then I decided to quit and cut down all the excessive physical activities as I'm counting down to my due date. :)
 My colleagues in Trinaya Media (ELLE Indonesia, ELLE Decoration). I had a good time working with those crazy people. Oh how I miss them now. :')

 This is me posing with my bestfriend, Elok, at my bestfriend's wedding Dina and Benny. I was 2 months pregnant when I shot their prewedding pics. Yes, it was my first prewedding project in which I acted as both the photographer and the stylist. Haha.

And here I am now, 8 months pregnant (see that growing belly covered in black outfit?). This is my latest collaboration with one of my favorite Indonesian photographers, Nurulita, for her "Iconic Women" photo exhibition. So if you live in Jakarta please don't forget to pop a visit to Plaza Indonesia and check out our works!

That's all folks! I will be posting new updates soon. See ya.


Fog Put a Smile Upon Your Face

>> Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zara studded sweater. Thrifted skirt. Topshop clutch.
River Island hat. YSL palais fur trim pumps.

Talking about favorite things, these things I wore are probably my most favorite items in my wardrobe that have been worn for like a hundredth times already. And I had these outfit photos taken at one of my favorite places in the world, Cibodas Park, when the drizzling rain and thick fog suddenly stroke for a few minutes then faded away. Gloomy weather never fail to make me happy and you can see that on my face, smiling real wide like a little child.


Remember When

>> Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zara FW 2012 studded blazer. Topshop black shirt. Zara SS 2012 leather skirt.
Nicholas Kirkwood pumps.

Finally! An outfit post! It's been months since the last time I became a burden to my friends, asking them to take some photos of my outfit. Remember when we were still college students or fresh graduates so we had unlimited free times to spend, but now that we're committed to our jobs we simply cannot do such thing anymore. Working in different industries doesn't allow us to meet as often as we want. In my case, my 9-5 corporate-slave friends couldn't meet her nurse friend who got a night shift and her freelance-stylist friend who hadn't finished the photo session until late. Something we never think about when we were (very) young.


Keep The Dream Alive

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back when I was a child, I read The Wright brothers biography and learned that everything starts with a dream. All my life I know it can't be any truer. And now I'm writing this post to show you my (must-have) dream shoes of all time that I (still) haven't got. Hohoho! Most of them are from seasons ago, I'm not pretty sure I can afford get them all cuz I've been looking for them on eBay but still no such luck. Well, we'll never know what life may bring, right? Dream on, keep the lust alive, and be surprised.

 Emanuel Ungaro tree branch heels

 Balenciaga block platform shoes

 Chanel coral heels

Chanel light bulb heels

 Chanel super bad ass gun heels

 Louis Vuitton tribal heels

 Louis Vuitton platform wedge shoes

 Louis Vuitton giraffe heels

 DSquared2 skeleton heels. I totally would kill to own a pair!!

Prada patent leather petals shoes

 Prada flame shoes

Miu Miu dragonfly heels

Miu Miu teacup heels

Some super cool Jill Sander heels

Lanvin harness pumps

 Lanvin frame wedges

And of course, some bad ass Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte shoes

pic source: google image


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