Wipe Your Tears, Baby

>> Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hola amiga. I'm back! Sorry for not updating this poor little blog in a long time, I've been pretty much uninspired to be honest. I'm not a kind of blogger who can write a new post every single day, nor could I take some pictures of my daily outfits. It is sad I know, I've stopped dressing up unless it's for wedding parties and sort of. I've been miserably uninspired and...spiritless I suppose. Poor me, no? Haha. Okay I'll stop whining now.
So, last week I went to Dewi Utari's charity sale at her petite shop called Mi-Casa-Su-Casa. I was still sick due to my acute gastric shit (and it took almost 2 weeks to recover), but I forced myself to drive there and you know, shopping. Haha. Nothing can stop me from shopping, not even this serious illness. Well my effort was pan out, I scored these beautiful Marni shoes (in such an incredibly cheap price) from Dien Tirto Buwono (fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar Indonesia) who happened to sell many of her fashionable stuff as well. Jealous much? ;)
Don't be, people. There'll be Fashion Wipe Out #2 next month (see the flyer below) so make sure you don't miss it!
Met Kate Talanova there. Gossiping a bit. You know, girls. ;)

Dewi Utari, Fashion Editor of Harper's Bazaar Indonesia + Fashion Blogger
+ Mi-Casa-Su-Casa owner

The Marni shoes I bought from Fashion Wipe Out :)

Mark your calendar right about now! :)


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