About Me

Chekka was born in Jakarta, on April 1987. Started her career in Indonesia fashion industry since 2007 as a freelance reporter for fashionesedaily.com, in which she met Thornandes James who became her tutor in Soap Magazine later in 2008. Having finished with the internship period as Fashion Editor Assistant in Soap Magazine, she helped James on various fashion shoots: editorials, advertisements, and exhibitions.

She decided to try her luck working as a freelance fashion stylist since April 2009, when she got an offer to be a contributing stylist for Sister Magazine. She's worked with several Indonesia's young and talented photographers such as Nicoline Patricia Malina, Glenn Prasetya, Julius Bramanto, Hakim Satriyo, and Bona Soetirto for magazine editorials / advertorials, exhibitions, test-shoots, pre-wedding shoots,  maternity shoots, campaigns / lookbooks, music clips, and also commercial shoots.

On October 2012 she worked as Associate Fashion Editor in Trinaya Media (ELLE Indonesia and Working Mother Indonesia) and decided to leave her job on June 2013 to give birth to her first daughter, Dylan. After taking quite a long break while adjusting herself with motherhood life, she returns to fashion industry by working as Fashion Editor of Harper's BAZAAR Indonesia until today. She uses her blog as a media to showcase her works and her personal style as well.

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