Review: Tokyo Belle Beauty Salon

Wait, what? Chekka is writing about beauty now?
I think it's totally true when some people said that the older you get the more you pay attention to your physical aesthetic and wellness. Well I am still the same old me who gets so reluctant when being told I need to go to a salon (because I simply hates sitting in front of a mirror for hours), but the fact that we do have a lot of new beauty technologies that cuts the length of beautifying process (and waiting hours) sounds like a song to my ears. And today, let me share you one of my latest beauty experience, which ironically happens to be very rare so this must be very special.
How could one person (a woman to be exact) resist beauty treatment trials? I was pretty lucky to get this amazing offer from Tokyo Belle Beauty Salon Jakarta to try their most-coveted treatments: IPL Hair Removal and the Slimming Treatment. They also have Eyelash Extension treatment but since I am glasses wearer so I thought I wouldn't need that. Those three treatments are using the latest technology from Japan, it's like very assuring that the result should be great. So there you go, it became my very first experience (yes call me lame but I have never had such things before), and coming to Tokyo Belle Beauty Salon at Panglima Polim that morning was indeed beyond exciting.

The Slimming Treatment comes with three steps: cavitation, RF, and vacuum. These will be done in around half an hour, depending on your treatment package choices. With this technology, your fat cells at the desired area will be destroyed and soon get melted before finally excreted as urine. The process itself turned out to be relatively painless as you will "only" have your body rubbed by the slimming machine for a few minutes. It's pretty convenient, surprisingly. Post treatment, you will need to drink a lot of water (warm water is recommended) so the fluid can push all the fats even faster. Guess what, my waistline did slimmed down to around 2-3cm with just one treatment and it stayed that way for 2-3 weeks! How cool is that? If you exercise well and eat clean, then sign up for another treatment, I am really sure you'll get a whole better result than mine.

Done with Slimming Treatment (it was super fast!), my therapist suggested me trying the IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Hair Removal. The first thing that popped in mind was: will it hurt so bad? She then replied that it "only" feels like an ant bite, or multiple ant bites if you have a skin infection from prior shaving. Okay, that shouldn't be so bad, then. So I decided to give it a shot. First step, you will have your undesired hair shaved and the therapist will apply some cool cream on it before administrating the IPL machine. It was again very comfortable and relatively painless (even though I have a pretty low tolerance to pain). This IPL technology will inhibit hair growth, reduce pore size, and also brighten the skin. The more you do the treatment, the bigger your chance to have your unwanted hair gone forever. Though some people may carry different hormones that control hair growth and bushiness, this treatment will surely help. In my case, I only had one treatment and I don't need to shave for a week now. What a luxury, no? Yes, yes, I'm signing up for another treatment, of course! Need to get rid of these ugly hair for good.
The good news is, Tokyo Belle Beauty Salon has tons of uber cool (and drool-worthy) beauty treatment packages that make you save cost! Go check their official website and/or visit one of their chic salons at Panglima Polim, Kemang Village, and Pacific Place Jakarta. Having seen and felt the results myself, I can tell that their treatments really worth every penny.
Thank you so much Tokyo Belle Beauty Salon Panglima Polim Jakarta for having me!


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