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Social Media Diet is Better Than Paleo Diet

My kind of breakfast: omelettes and black coffee sans sugar. No, I don't drink the orange juice and les croissants. My friend had it, cuz yo momma is on a diet. Catchy title, huh? I'm trying to beat the other diet articles to pop out on Google. Not sure if I did it right, though. And FYI, I love paleo diet. So yeah, people, I've made one of the biggest decisions in 2017 (so far): cutting off my social media consumption. No, I didn't go to the extreme. I still keep all my social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder (mind you!), but I have decided to only use Twitter and Instagram, and Facebook only when I need to. Not to mention that I unfollowed some accounts that are not "good" for my "sanity". For example, those "influencers" who uploaded more sponsored posts (the blatantly "I'm selling this in-your-face" kind of stuff) than the genuine day-to-day activities or interests. Call me jealous or pathetic …

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