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Homecoming Queen

OMG Chekka is still alive and kicking, y'all!
Yes people, I'm back. Can't believe how long I've abandoned this blog, and it was quite appalling to see that my blog still gained visitors despite the lengthy hiatus. (Thanks, Google Analytic!) Although there's always a chance people skimmed through my blog for a giggle (Dafuq she posed like that!), but hey, thanks for visiting! Glad to keep you 'entertained'.

There are so much to update here. And since I'm currently on mania mode, I might as well just write a short recap about my life (please bear with my kind of 'short'); personally and professionally.

If you are following me on Instagram or Twitter, you'd probably have known that I've been a single mother for over two years now. And I have to say that getting myself out from a toxic situation (a.k.a love story gone bad) is the best decision ever. I can write a loooong story about my mishaps (even 1000 pages longer than Leo Tolstoy's

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