Social Media Diet is Better Than Paleo Diet

My kind of breakfast: omelettes and black coffee sans sugar. No, I don't drink the orange juice and les croissants. My friend had it, cuz yo momma is on a diet.
Catchy title, huh? I'm trying to beat the other diet articles to pop out on Google. Not sure if I did it right, though. And FYI, I love paleo diet.
So yeah, people, I've made one of the biggest decisions in 2017 (so far): cutting off my social media consumption. No, I didn't go to the extreme. I still keep all my social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tinder (mind you!), but I have decided to only use Twitter and Instagram, and Facebook only when I need to. Not to mention that I unfollowed some accounts that are not "good" for my "sanity". For example, those "influencers" who uploaded more sponsored posts (the blatantly "I'm selling this in-your-face" kind of stuff) than the genuine day-to-day activities or interests. Call me jealous or pathetic loser or whatever, yes I probably am and I don't care. I can't enjoy such posts on my feeds anymore, so goodbye. As simple as that.
Much to my dismay, I feel a lot better when I only see stuff I profoundly would love to see. Cats (obviously), memes (guilty pleasure), fashion editorials, vintage stuff, and architecture. I don't have to cringe or roll my eyes anymore when I scroll down my timeline and inadvertently see hard-selling or humble bragging posts done by people I know (this industry is tough, y'all). Maybe some people would say, Chekka you should not take it too seriously. But hey, emotions comes involuntarily. When you see something you don't enjoy, you just know it straightaway. And since social media is primarily made for leisure, we all have the right to stop when it's no longer good for us. There is no penalty for that.
I know damn well how hard it is to cut loose social media intake, and how tricky it is to unfollow someone you know very well in real life. One thing for sure is you are not losing anything, it's not like any other diets that help you lose weight or beer belly. Good friends (and acquaintances) will understand that cutting off social media interaction doesn't necessarily mean you guys are in major conflicts and therefore hate each other. You manage your own social media accounts, so you have the whole control to have it tailored the way you like it. Never let social media torments you in any way. I won't be a hypocrite by saying I've never got emotionally affected by those social media celebrities and/or oh-so-fabulous people, yes I was jealous, and that's not healthy. Hence the diet.
This book is totally a bitch slap for me, it has changed my perspective in seeing bad things happening to my life. And no, the lattes were definitely sugar free. :D
My rule of thumb: if it doesn't bring you joy, just leave it. Pleasure comes in many (painless) forms. Sorry, Mr. Grey.


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