Paint it Black

>> Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Victorian drapery top from ebay. Thrifted skirt. Bebe pumps shoes.
Random bracelets. Forever21 ring. Body&soul clutch.

Wore this outfit to Jeffry Tan's Paradiso Perduto show two weeks ago. I'm not a type of person who attends fashion events pretty often, because basically I am still no one in this industry so how would I get invited then? LOL. Got awkward when I arrived there because I could barely recognize the guests. Some of them are merely acquaintances of mine, and of course I couldn't bump to a bunch of editors and act like a wacko right? This is why I don't really like attending fashion events, unless my friends are coming. I'm pretty much shy in real life. I kid you not.
Being a freelance worker is kinda hard sometimes. Being a freelance social climber is a lot easier. :)

Ps: does anyone know what's up with shoesandyourmom (SAYM)? They keep my money for almost 7 months now and never reply my emails, not once! Gonna tell you more on the next post. Keep following.


Land Locked Blues

>> Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Topshop flower print minidress. Zara structured blazer.
Zara studded bag. Colonial Madness shoes.

I wrote this post in the middle of a terrible hiatus. Endless assignments are driving me nuts, I don't even have time to take a rest peacefully because the deadlines are haunting me. I do really really envy you guys who could get an uninterrupted 8-hours sleep, watch DVDs, grab a coffee and hop from malls to malls. So gonna do that as soon as this semester ends! Ha! :D

Oh I haven't even got the chance to update my styling portfolio! Had done three photoshoots a couple of months ago and I really wanna show it to the world :))


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