Redemption Song

>> Thursday, October 27, 2011

Model: Nastya Kovba
MUA: Tania Ledezma
Photographer: Ricko Sandy
Wardrobe & styling by yours truly.

Hello hello. I would love to show you one of my latest and most-favorite works. This portfolio was inspired by the things / scenes I saw on Mexican soap operas (we called it Telenovela) back when I was a little kid. Here I tried to interpret the collar trends, intimate-inspired trends, and the looks of interesting Mexican soap operas / music video characters such as bull fighter, the Mariachi band, nun, prostitute, and conservative lady. You know, too much Maria Mercedes or Marimar is still good for our health. ;)


La Vie Campaign 2011

>> Wednesday, October 19, 2011

La Vie first campaign, 2011.
Models: Masha Z & Lana Light (Damn Inc)
MUA: Gisela Wina
Photographer: Mario

I'm so excited to show you one of my latest works and also to introduce you to La Vie, a new Indonesian brand focusing on pretty dresses that truly makes you feel like a woman! Check out their collection on and be totally in lust with the dresses. The designers just launched it last Saturday and they're giving a crazy promotional prices. Yes, the prices range from IDR 800.000 to IDR 1.600.000 (I forgot the exact prices, sorry. Better check em out on your own hehehe). Such a great deal, no? Oh not to mention that the dresses are very well-made and using good quality fabrics. Dayum, I gotta stop talking and let's just visit their website like NOW!!


Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Now Baby

>> Thursday, October 13, 2011

 One of my favorite thrifted finds. Draped satin skirt, sequined boxy blazer, leopard blazer, and (genuine) leather high-waisted skirt.
 My favorite boots. Left to right: Topshop - Topshop - Vintage (scored them on eBay, the seller claimed it was made in 1986. I love them to bits!).
 Left to right: Prada - Marni. I acknowledge them as the prettiest piece of art in my shoe closet.
 Left to right: Marni - Bebe. They're really high and comfortable. I can even run in them!
 Left to right: Zara - Miu Miu - Gucci. They're too pretty, don't you think?
 YSL Divine. They're fierce but too hard to walk in.
 Alexander Wang mules. Another pair that I haven't worn and might never wear for no apparent reason.
 These are the shoes that have been abused because they're too comfy! Left to right: Zara - We Who See - Prada.
 Santa Monica. My female feline who's now expecting kittens. :)
 My boyfie's Sombrero hat. He bought it on his trip to Mexico. I love Mexican culture (blame it on the Mexican soap operas I watched when I was a kid) and this is also his favorite piece. The details are so beautiful!
 My slightly retro gadgets. iBook G4 and Polaroid camera. I love them so much and they're still working properly. No need to get a newer one, for now.
 Warkop DKI vcds. I'm a huge huge huge fan of this Indonesian comedian legend. I can talk for hours mimicking every single scenes on their movies.
That's it for now. My shoes are back in their boxes, saying "A plus tard!"


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