Permanent Daylight

>> Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thrifted turquoise sequined blazer. Thrifted leather skirt.
Boy-beater. Bebe cut-out booties.

Hello peeps, how are things going? It's pretty hard for me to keep this blog updated since my bestfriend who happens to be my photographer is currently working out of town and I've been very busy with all the endless assignments. That's the art of being a college student, right? Endless assignments.

À plus tard, tout le monde!


You and Whose Army?

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mom's vintage shirt dress. Mango leather vest. Xsml platform shoes.

I bet most of you guys know four types of personality: Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic, and Melancholic. (If you have never heard of it, just do google hehehe) I am a Phlegmatic. I collect old bills, random sketches or notes of mine, I love reminiscing things in the past, I correlate moments and songs so that when I listen to certain song it'd bring back certain memory. It's somewhat sick, sometimes, but well I just couldn't stop doing that. The worst thing is I am also a Melancholic so I could cry my ass off over certain memory when I listen to a certain song. LOL!! Blame it to Premenstrual Syndrome, perhaps?
So lovelies, what type of personality are you? :)



>> Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dad's denim shirt. Cottonink acid shawl. Guess by Marciano combat boots.

I've been thinking about changing my disgusting header picture, because it makes me somewhat petrified everytime I open my own site. Geez. I really need to change that hideous header immediately. Any suggestion, anyone? :)


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