Morning Mr. Magpie

>> Sunday, February 27, 2011

 Zara leopard cardigan. Thrifted high waisted skirt. Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes.

Haven't worn this MbMJ shoes since I bought them in December 2009, and not to mention the other pairs of shoes that have been sleeping forgotten peacefully in their boxes. Never even think of selling them (except they're way too big, some shoes don't run true to size), because those shoes are just like my treasures that I should keep forever. Though sometimes it slightly breaks my heart to see those  shoes are kept unworn and it got me thinkin that maybe someone out there could love them more than I do. But I can't bear myself seeing someone else wear them. Sentimental much?


Missing The Light of The Day

>> Monday, February 21, 2011

 Thrifted gold embroidery top. Marks & Spencer paperbag skirt.
Forever 21 and XSML bracelets. Bebe platform pumps.

Just a quick update! Gotta work on my thesis tonight. Have a great Monday, everyone. :)


Look on Down From The Bridge

>> Thursday, February 17, 2011

 Thrifted velvet cape. Zara top. Thrifted skirt. Coach ballerina shoes.

After such a long and tough consideration, I decided to cancel my itinerary to Hong Kong next week due to the awfully tight schedule and deadlines, and also not to mention all the shits that happened to me earlier. I've been thinking of going somewhere else to compensate my disappointment and shattered excitement, but then again, I have a responsibility of working on my research because the clock is ticking, the days are passing, and I can't keep on procrastinating.

Life sucks big time. However, let's just enjoy it, shall we?


A Certain Shade of Green

>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mom's vintage Kebaya + skinny belt. Zara black maxi skirt. Burberry SS 2008 shoes.

I've just lost my bestfriend; the one I spent half of my life with, the best cat in my whole life. She died from acute renal failure. It's just so hard to cope with the grief and loss and the fact that I'm still in denial that she's already gone forever. :( I know I shouldn't talk about this sad thing on my fashion blog but I just can't help it. I would do anything to resurrect her, only if I could. How sad.


Dead from The Waist Down

>> Saturday, February 5, 2011

 Kidnapped shirt from Kemala Balcony. Thrifted leather skirt. Topshop chiffon wedges.

I've been in a black period for over two months now. Well it's actually a black period for shoes only, and it's really really driving me crazy. I used to buy at least one pair of shoes every month and now I don't even have the courage to visit my fave (online) stores. Wanna know what triggers me to do so? Traveling plans, that is. I have no better reasons to collect more shoes, I mean I'm 23 and I haven't traveled a lot that's kinda sad. We can always find some pretty shoes on our journey anyway, right?
However, zero pair of shoes every month does really hurt. :(


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