Dead from The Waist Down

 Kidnapped shirt from Kemala Balcony. Thrifted leather skirt. Topshop chiffon wedges.

I've been in a black period for over two months now. Well it's actually a black period for shoes only, and it's really really driving me crazy. I used to buy at least one pair of shoes every month and now I don't even have the courage to visit my fave (online) stores. Wanna know what triggers me to do so? Traveling plans, that is. I have no better reasons to collect more shoes, I mean I'm 23 and I haven't traveled a lot that's kinda sad. We can always find some pretty shoes on our journey anyway, right?
However, zero pair of shoes every month does really hurt. :(


Reni Safitri said…
love the topshop chiffon wedges <3

please visit >>
Laura Mullins said…
it's so worth it to save up for traveling! that's what i have to do for spring break. and when i graduate and start working full-time, i'll definitely be setting money aside to visit my friends/cool places
putri soe said…
the Topshop chiffon wedges is super! lovin' it!

The Spoof.
Amalia Mas'ad said…
Hey, love the wedgesss!!!
veda said…
yep, we can buy shoes anytime, but traveling can only be done in particular time esp if we were a student and worker. cute outfit by the way..
Closet Test Tube
inge luciana said…
I've heard you a long time on blogger sale but never visit your blog.
I really like it, you have great sense of fashion and you mix all the outfit perfectly.

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