Dead from The Waist Down

 Kidnapped shirt from Kemala Balcony. Thrifted leather skirt. Topshop chiffon wedges.

I've been in a black period for over two months now. Well it's actually a black period for shoes only, and it's really really driving me crazy. I used to buy at least one pair of shoes every month and now I don't even have the courage to visit my fave (online) stores. Wanna know what triggers me to do so? Traveling plans, that is. I have no better reasons to collect more shoes, I mean I'm 23 and I haven't traveled a lot that's kinda sad. We can always find some pretty shoes on our journey anyway, right?
However, zero pair of shoes every month does really hurt. :(


Reni Safitri said…
love the topshop chiffon wedges <3

please visit >>
blorange dice said…
it's so worth it to save up for traveling! that's what i have to do for spring break. and when i graduate and start working full-time, i'll definitely be setting money aside to visit my friends/cool places
Trie Diksi said…
the Topshop chiffon wedges is super! lovin' it!

The Spoof.
J said…
love this look:)

Journal J
Amalia Mas'ad said…
Hey, love the wedgesss!!!
veda said…
yep, we can buy shoes anytime, but traveling can only be done in particular time esp if we were a student and worker. cute outfit by the way..
Closet Test Tube
inge luciana said…
I've heard you a long time on blogger sale but never visit your blog.
I really like it, you have great sense of fashion and you mix all the outfit perfectly.

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