A Certain Shade of Green

Mom's vintage Kebaya + skinny belt. Zara black maxi skirt. Burberry SS 2008 shoes.

I've just lost my bestfriend; the one I spent half of my life with, the best cat in my whole life. She died from acute renal failure. It's just so hard to cope with the grief and loss and the fact that I'm still in denial that she's already gone forever. :( I know I shouldn't talk about this sad thing on my fashion blog but I just can't help it. I would do anything to resurrect her, only if I could. How sad.


John B. Marine said…
This outfit is certainly dazzling. Your beauty captivates with this combination of kelly green and black. It is a very princess-like outfit. You look amazing, Chekka!

i love lace! you look so amazing <3
nice blog u got here. i'm following you now. follow back? :)
Turut berduka ya dengan kehilanganmu.. Aku juga pernah ditinggal anjingku ke surga, mungki mereka berteman sekarang :) Btw, pretty outfit, love it <3 Please visit my blog sometime. Thanks :)
margarita ts said…
love this outfit!i'm sorry about your cat..
putugian said…
i'm sorry bout your cat..
i love the "vintage Kebaya"
my mom has a lot :)
visit my blog, if u don't mind :)
John B. Marine said…
One point I forgot to make... I am deeply sorry about your cat's passing. I am a cat lover myself, so I feel your pain.

This is still a beautiful outfit (to speak on a lighter note).

Another dazzling and chic look for you! Super cute and super awesome. Just a beautiful head-to-toe look.

Miy said…
Oh my GOD! That is such a cool way to wear a kebaya.. it looks absolutely modern and pretty. Two thumbs up for you.

Now you've inspired me to make such modern post on kebaya. very princessy..

The Picnic Girl
Pinkbuble said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit!!!
wut a mixed combination create such a chic outfit!!

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