"Vera Ina" by Vera Abi and Ina Thomas

Cheyqua in Industry News — November 19th, 2008

Just in case you haven’t heard of this brand new line, our fabulous and so-stylish socialites Vera Abi and Ina Thomas have officially launched their own line titled “Vera Ina”. Most of their collections are so identical with Vera Abi, Ina Thomas and their circle of friends’ style. If you’re familiar enough with their looks (if not, just grab a fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia and you’ll find their pictures) you’ll easily get it why I said the collections are so identical with their signature style. Yes darling, it’s all about maxi dresses, tunics, prints and all that boho stuff. So if you want to get their look or maybe you like their collection, simply find and get them at Fashion First for Senayan City.


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