Confession of an Intern (part I)

9th June 2008

It was my first day being an intern at Soap Magazine Indonesia, and it brought me to the gate of the fashion drama. No, I'm not saying that that the colleagues are the major drama. No. It was a MEN fashion and lifestyle magazine, so I could say that there was no drama among the editors. Did I just say "it was"? Yes, it was. There's no longer Soap Magazine Indonesia here on earth. :(

Okay back to the topic. The drama started when I and my boss, Thornandes James (who at that time was the Senior Fashion Editor) attended one of the greatest Indonesian fashion designer's show, Sebastian Gunawan, at Hotel Mulia Jakarta. I wasn't quite dressed-up that day, since my objective for the whole day was to work, not to attend such big event. It was painful that most people saw me with such a strange look :( Well, it was my first day swimming in the fashion ocean, remember? Donc, since I was a new little fish swimming solo, James introduced me to several fashion fish; the editors from other fashion magazines, the PRs, patati patata et cetera. And so the curtain was opened, the drama was started...

James introduced me to an editor of a magazine. (no details, sorry)

James: Please meet Chekka, my new assistant. She's an intern.
Mean fish #1: Oh okay, hello. (kinda shout to the other fish-mates) She's only an intern! AN INTERN! An intern, right?!

I didn't really notice, nor I realized she said that to make fun of me, but James told me afterwards. Then I started to alert myself when I hear some fish throw a word about me. I didn't know what's so wrong being an intern, neither I knew that this ocean could be so mean to the new fish. I was thrilled.

To be continued.. Stay tuned ;)


there's no Soap Mag in Indonesia anymore???
Chekka Cuomova said…
Keep reading to find out why.. ;)
Freddy Style said…
hi thx for visiting my blog^^
keep posting hun
Anonymous said…
aloha..bdw sis, aku baca" comment ttg boots di fashionesedaily, kebetulan aku ada onlineshop di blogspot. Dannn... aku masih punya 1 stok ankle zipper boots kalo tertarik.Then, aku baruu aja ngeluarin produk baru di onlineshopku,buckle boots dan semi-glad ballet, coba di cek aja sis.untuk zipper bootsnya ada di butik Herroom -lamandau, moga2 masih ada yha, thx ya salam kenal ;)
peps said…
can't hardly wait what will happen next :)
please publish part II as soon as posible yah hihihi

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