Lanvin s/s 2009

I can't believe the fact that I hadn't seen Lanvin Spring/Summer 2009 collection until my precious mate Thornandes James asked me to email him the collection. Or maybe it was a sign? A sign to slap me on the face that the collection is outstandingly awesome. I swear to God, I burst into tears until tonight, the moment I see it. I am not exaggerating it, it's such a bitter fact that I can't afford it!! Oh please, someone do me a favor, give me an instant job with a big big salary.
If I have € 1126.00 plus the extra cash to pay the shipping fee, I'd hysterically buy the LIGHT TAFFETA COVERED SHOULDER DRESS which Raquel Zimmerman wore on runway (as seen on the third picture above). But if you're a lucky bastard who has loads of cash, don't know how to spend it, and thinks that maybe this dress looks good on you, move your pointer and click and then go to hell.

I'm just kidding. And I'm jealous.

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Miss Ailema said…
I am a massive Lanvin fan and I cry everytime I see his collection. Thank God I am not the only one. Hahaha! I can't afford any of his dresses though. :( All I can do is browse,browse, browse.
Anonymous said…
hahaha.. we both feel the same thing! *hugs*
Alber Elbaz is such a GOD! I must put him on my imaginary loves hahaha..
Miss Ailema said…
Hahaha! Hey, did you see Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing Lanvin in the Golden Globes? Love it but can't afford it! Hahaha!
Anonymous said…
yes she looks drop dead gorgeous in that.... uhhhhh.. :'(

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