Bold and Curvy

Cheyqua in Street Snap — February 8th, 2009

Who: Dewi Utari, Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia
Where: Cipete, Jakarta Selatan
What: This is an example to show your curve in a bold and stylish way. Put a belt right on your waist, pull off a latex legging for a bold look (the blue one is darn hot, really), and voila! Don’t forget to wear sexy strappy shoes for the finishing touch.

Check out her blog here!


Anonymous said…
sepatunya bagusss.. hehe..
gaya asik banged.. simple tapi enak dilyad..
Anonymous said…
Suka banget sama stylenya....kagak heran kalo dia jadi Fashion Editor ;)
Tapi kenapa kudu pake jam tangan?
Terkesan gimana gitu ^^

So i wanna see your style as an intern sis ^^ Show me

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