Confession of an Intern (part II)

The story continue..

15 June 2008

The first weeks I started my internship, I learnt that there are loads of senior fish in the fashion ocean who dislike and despise interns, although you're not working for them. I heard someone who used to be an intern in one of the biggest fashion magazine in my country stated "those who dislike and despise interns must be having their post-power syndrome.". Repeat after me: post-power syndrome. Does it mean they used to have power or they're going to lose their power in this industry? Not necessarily know it, though. However one thing to emphasize is, if you are a newbie in the sea, don't act too much to draw attention. Sometimes, knowing that you are an intern could threaten those mean fish. Senior fish who suffer post-power syndrome get insecure of the existence of newbies so easily.

When I was a newbie I didn't have the guts to open my mouth, especially when I attended fashion events. Only speak when necessary, tried to look nice and be nice with everybody, didn't dare to throw a comment when I heard or overheard a gossip, I always kept my mouth shut. I am not a risk-taker so I thought "silence is gold" is applied in such situation.

One fine day, I went to Plaza Indonesia to attend the grand opening of a beauty salon. Before I even got there, I met this mean fish #2 who works as an Editor in one of the biggest fashion magazine in Indonesia. We were introduced by my Chief Editor, and the very first stuff she said to me was..

Mean fish #2 : "How long have you been doing the internship?"
Me : "A week..
Mean fish #2 : (Looked at my outfit with such cynical smile) "God, your style becomes so Soap! How fast!"
Me : "Pardon?"
Mean fish #2 : (Cynically giggling then went away)

I didn't know what was wrong with my outfit, nor I knew what was wrong with Soap Magazine. Okay maybe she just not that into androgyny - boyish look I put on and thought I dressed myself like that only because I was working in a men's fashion magazine? Or maybe because my outfit was a total mess, since I wouldn't dress up to go to campus and I didn't know that working in a magazine/journalism require you to be flexible and ready to report things unexpectedly. What I mean is, if you're doing an internship while you're still studying, do not careless about your outfit, DO DRESS UP! Bring your heels, blazer, and mini make-up pouch so you'd be ready anytime. Use a big big bag that has bigger space (I'm not telling you to use a luggage, though). It's a fashion ocean, darling. We do dress up and look good. And we do judge by covers. At least, even if you're only an intern and you can only shut your mouth when the other fish are talking bitching and gossiping, one thing for sure is they will always spend their tiny times to take a glimpse of you and your look. And who knows if you dressed up really well, deep inside of their heart they're admiring your great sense of style. :)

To be continued..


Anonymous said…
Waduh...cerita km ttg intern km memang menggugah masa laluku sebagai intern di dunia TV lokal...

Hahahahaha....kebayang sie pengen kerja di majalah....

Tapi memang pandangan orang pertama ngeliat kita adalah our outfit babe...

jadi klo messy apalagi kita anak magang...sindiran adalah hal yang wajar...lalu berbuntut pada penilaian orang bahwa kita nggak bisa apa2 dan nggak ngerti apa2...

padahal kita cuman coba untuk jadi diri sendiri dimana sedang nyesuain diri...

Semangat ya
Anonymous said…
buru lah qod lanjutannya.. ga sabar nih.. masa mpe kebagi beberapa babak gitu..
ayo smgt!!
VÉ‘le (: said…
oh god, I really don't know what to tell you
besides, you're right! we have to be all perfectly dressed-up at ANY moment

What were you wearing that day? do you have an image?

(I'll be reading you! lol)
Gerry said…
I've never gotten any snarky comments at any of my internships. But I've noticed the interns that try to drink the fashion koolaid without actually buying into the designer labels get criticized a lot, though... My logic is if you imitate you tend to be a bad imitation so you should kind of just go in the opposite direction.

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