Why Cavalli

I always hate the fact that I was outbid far far away for the price I could afford. Especially when you set the maximum bid and let the bidnapper do the shot, so you (think that you) can go to sleep with no worries someone else will outbid you. And when you wake up, check your blackberry or turn on your laptop with confidence that you'll win, but... Dang! It's not even somebody outbids you, but there are 20 strangers out there fall for the exactly same thing and they could pay much more than you can afford. And so.. The lovely Just Cavalli double-breasted leather jacket is gone with the wind, beautifully wrapped in the USPS envelope for someone who got more cash out there. It sucks a lot! It really does.

And in my heart I'm still crying. Oh dear.. :'(

pic source: ebay


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