So Last Decade!

Dear friends, call me out-of-date, so last decade, or whatever, I just wanna show you another idiot channeling effort I did. Actually I didn't do this on purpose because I just realized that the silhouette of my tube dress apparently look quite similar to one of Gucci Spring/Summer 2007 collection as I was playing dress up. (I only have classes on Monday and Friday, so I have pretty loads of time to do silly things at home *grin*)
Well, please take a look and go on laugh at me. Hehehe.
And so the disaster begins.. Peek-a-boo!!
vintage oversized blazer, Forever21 ikat-print tube dress
Charles & Keith belt, Zara oxford shoes

Oh no, I hear someone sing me Hillary Duff's song already! "Sooooo yesterday, soooo yesterday.."

ps: I still haven't mastered the photoshop thingy, so maybe you could figure out the differences between these pics! Find the differences and just laugh about it! Hehehe..


Andhari said…
I thought people wear tube dresses these days too, no? seriously you look great..thats just one timeless piece:D
Erik said…
I couldn't find any differences. Hehehe. Lovely blog, would you please check out mine.
Erik said…
Sure lets link. That would be great thanks!
Anonymous said…
wah.....keren sepatunya...dressnya juga....mengingatkan aku memang akan hillary clinton versi muda...hehehehe...cuman rambutnya aja kagak blonde sama kagak pendek
Wina said…
Huh, what difference?

And I personally think that it looks as chic as ever. Doesn't matter if it's IN or OUT. : )
opi said…
pretty pretty outfit!
Cici Liu Putra said…
You are not out-of-date, not so last decade, but you're damn cool che!! :)
Anonymous said…
kereeeeennn!!!! luculuculuculuculuculuculucu..
i really love this look. the dress is perfect and the super cool red blazer makes it even better. keep rocking girl!!
Chekka Cuomova said…
thanks a lot, everyone!! your comments mean a LOT to me hehehehehehe.. :D

hehe.. the differences are on the wall! take a look.. take a look.. hihihi..
DwD said…
ah bagus-bagus aj kok chek. there's nothing wrong with wearing last season stuff. kan bisa ditambah-tambahin sama barang yang lagi in skrg juga. eia gw link blog lo yawww :D
this is such a cool outfit! tube dresses are a good thing, especially when they have that 'shrushed' part on the breast area (hope you know what i mean). I really like the pattern.
pairing it with that oversized red blazer was a genius idea!!

Jen said…
That dress is amazing! Great look :)
Anonymous said…
Style never goes out of style! And you have style! *gasp* I looove those shoes and dress! *tears*
Jane said…
you look so pretty. i love the dress

Please come visit me at Vintage Tea!

kak blog aku baru di update . silahkan di lihat :)
btw, perfect combination :)
kireiicha said…
merahnya mantap...eye catching bgt
Anonymous said…
wew it's nice. pretty cute

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