Jobless and Penniless

I'm jobless and penniless and I've bought loads of cool stuff from ebay and now I'm worried my mom will find her credit card bills and I'm sure she'll hang me on the tree when she reads the bill. (Inhale) Okay I'll surely reimburse every purchase, but this month's expenses are just hideous! And no, I have no regrets. Every purchase is precious. Except the Fashion Dictionary I accidentally bought when actually I'm learning psychology but then I bought this fashion dictionary instead of DSM-IV revised psychology bible. (Sigh)

Thrifted tulle dress. DIY necklace. DIY studded ribbon worn as belt. Forever21 shoes

I call it "Flat-broke outfit". Yeah I don't have many branded clothes, half of my closet are thrifted finds. It's simply because I hate expensive clothes, but I adore expensive shoes. So if someone hire me and offer me good salary, I'll entertain your beautiful eyes with beautiful shoes (I hear Givenchy and Louboutin are calling my name!)

Aaaarggh.. I need a job! (Translation: I need some cash)

Thanks to my bestie, Narita, for taking these pictures :)


anne j said…
I love everything!!! the necklace, the studded belt (gosh you're creative!), the dress, the shoes...yes I've mentioned it all LMAO
Andhari said…
It doesnt have to be designer to be rocked :D you got style and you know it. Love that shoeeeees!
yishyene said…
You have a cool blog, love this outfit! what do you do for a living? it sounds heaps more fun than MY job! hhe
CiCi said…
very cute outfit! I agree with you, a nice outfit doesn't have to be expensive... but buying nice shoes is a different story!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the comment, very sweet of you. I love the different dainty layers of the dress, very romantic.
This comment has been removed by the author.
woohooo!!!!! now i am satisfied. big picture is what i need, so i can see your items more closely. and yes, i am loving the dress and the necklace.
and i am actually imagining if you put on socks and wedges, you would add a lovely immaculate feel to the look hahahaha....
t a l i s h a said…
awww i love your shoes.. too bad jkt's forever 21 doesn't do any shoes.. nice blog may i link you?? love the dress too :)
ps: thx for visiting my blog.
Narita said… looks better in here than in ur camera screen
sorry 4 the blur one darl hahaha
love ur fuschia dress
such a perfect colour 4 ur white and bright skin
and of course i go wild on ur killer shoes
what a great great pair of shoes!!
dumski said…
yep, couldn't agree more!

flea market's dresses, shirts, skirts, tees, are the best!!

just went there last fri and got some cool skirts :D

love your outfit, anyway :)
Unknown said…
very very stunning necklace! teach me how to do that! outfit looks fantastic.
thanks for dropping by!


selly octavia said…
nice outfit.. I know how you fill when you buy lots of thing on eBay... It's just because you can't find things on eBay in Indonesia right?? haahaahaha...
Anonymous said…
ohmygod I want your necklace! tell me more about how you made it please
SOS! said…
lovely outfit! The dress looks very twirly..
xx-LJ from SOS!
Jen said…
Aw let's hear it for jobless fashionistas! I am in the same boat :(

Those shoes are F21??? No way!!
Chekka Cuomova said…
aww.. thanks for such sweet comments :D go thrift store! yay!! :D

@ jen: it's f21 dear! they make loads of knock-off shoes :p
sarah said…
love this outfit!!!!!!!!!
TalkingMonkee said…
Gorgeous dress and delicious shoes. I love thrifting as well, would you mind telling me where you go thrifting? I find that it's so hard trying to find a good vintage shop around Bogor + Jakarta.
dinadinadina said…
manisssssnyaaaa...... :)
maniisss bgd!!!
Anonymous said…
this is SUCH a beautiful dress! and i love it with the white shoes
so sorry about the money situation...but you look gorgeous, if that's any consolation! i love this outfit. it's so fun and pretty.
Chekka Cuomova said…
talking monkee: I usually go to Pasar Senen or Pasar Baru. I heard there's also a thrift store at Pasar Festival but I haven't checked it out ;D

nina: huhuhu thanks a lot, dear ;)
Anonymous said…
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