Legs for My Pants

Hello people, how are things going? I apologize for lack of updates, mainly because I suffered from this freakin gum infection. Ohhh God it hurts like hell!! Seriously, you really need to take care of your teeth, or else you'll suffer the same thing. :(( However, I don't wanna bore you with toothache thingy. Having a toothache is soooo not fashionable, right? Hehehe.

So well, I have a question for you. Do you wear leggings as pants? It's definitely a serious question, darlings. :D I'm not that into leggings, and FYI I even just started to wear ones! I usually go for tights rather than leggings, but since the first time I saw this thing called Latex Leggings, I changed my mind straightaway. I could wear this! But hold a sec, leggings as pants?? OK call me idiot or whatever, I personally don't think leggings could be worn as pants. Don't you feel like you're wearing nothing? Don't you feel like your intimate part is shown, like, vaguely? Maybe if your wearing long shirt, it could cover up a bit. But, wearing short shirt + leggings? What do you think?

So, this is my first attempt to wear leggings as pants! Not quite confident yet, actually. Maybe I should try to wear long and loose top instead of this one? Help me, people. :)

Me and my fabulous friends! Yay!!
Dhyta and Ruth!
Love love love her outfit!! <3
OMG OMG! I forgot to hold my stomach, yikes!!


Anonymous said…
bagus2 aja ko..
elo si ye yang make..
always love your style...
Anonymous said…
perutnya nggak keliatan tuhh.. gak usah bilang2 napa hauhauhauuaha - Ragil
Diana Rikasari said…
haiiii...baru nemu blogmu nihhhhh...keren! gue link di blog gue yaa :)
Andhari said…
Girly, I wear leggings in daily basis too. They're comfortable. But yes I dont agree if they substitute paints, hence why they invented dress shirts or long shirts right. I hate it when I see people wearing tshirt and leggings because nobody should see camel toes :P

How's your gum infection? I hope it gets better.
Chekka Cuomova said…
dina: bisa aja sih kamuu peres bener dehh hehehhe..

ragil: hehehe.. abiss daripada dikomentarin mending gua duluan deh yg ngaku kekekeke..

diana: awww thank you!!

insomniac lolita: hahaha that's the word! camel toes!!! huhuhu I'm feeling a bit better but the pain still remains :'(
VÉ‘le (: said…
I'm sick, tired of leggins

But if they're of leather, I still like :3
TalkingMonkee said…
Love the outfit, I like how you take trends and incorporate it with your own style.

is it ok if i link it to my own blog? trade links perhaps?

huhuhuhu...i am the shortest one!!!! nasib jadi kucing kecil :(
anggi said…
kalo gw sih ngga pernah menganggap legging as pants. oh pantat besarrrku harus bersembunyiii...hehehehe.....

tapi sejak kenal latex legging jadi aga2 tergoda gitu... kesannya jadi pake celana kulit super ketats...
nenglita said…
keren kok che! hiyah, elo betiga pasti gentian poto2nya yaa...cakep2 euy! keren2 yang pasti, kalo gw ikutan pastinya kucrut sendiri :(
elo kurus bangettttt!!!!
Chekka Cuomova said…
vale: yeah!! go (faux) leather leggings! :D

talkingmonkee: thank you :D sure, I'd love to!

stainonmyredshoes: (aneh deh mau nyebut lo tapi mesti nulis judul blog lo hehehe) ahhh itu kan karena gua pake heels aja nek.. sedangkan elo pake flats :D

anggi: kan bisa diakalin pake mini dress / long shirt :) pasti kerenn dehhhh.. :D

rocknrollmommy: thank you!! hush lo juga tinggi dan langsing gituhhh.. dan keren pulak tentunya :D

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