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Had another photoshoot today. Yes today, on Saturday! I did brought my camera but I stupidly left the battery at home. :( Thank God, my dearest photographer Stanley Allan lent me his lovely Canon 5D with EF 24-70mm lens (my first time using that adorable lens!) so I could take behind-the-photoshoot pics. Too bad I forgot to set the pic format to jpg, RAW files are hideously big and make my oldie iBook wanna puke (blame it to 512MB memory and 40 GB hard-disk capacity). There are loads of good pics to show, but I must convert them to jpg first and I'm too sleepy to do that now (it's already 4:10 AM in Jakarta). So, I promise you guys to upload the behind-the-photoshoot pics tomorrow. Promise!

And so, this is the outfit I wear today.
Sorry for bad quality pic, but I love my pose here. :D
During the narcissistic photoshoot (taken by Thornandes James, of course!), I played imposing the ad campaigns poses. It all turned out total crap for sure. Hehehe. I'm not a model, and am not even qualified enough to be a model anyway (I wish I were, though. Hehehe). I did it purely for fun. It's silly I know. Well, it could be one of the fun activity for fashion addicts, don't you think?
And this one is hilarious! I was trying real hard to impose Madonna
but yeah, I failed. LOL!

Thrifted floral blazer and tiered skirt. Latex leggings from ebay.
Open-toe boots from Mi-Casa-Su-Casa

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said…
Keren....wahahahahhahaha gaya madona memang susah...sakit sekali kalo kudu lurus begitu
Josey said…
you look funny on the last pic! I guess if you do yoga then you'll rock madonnas pose. :)
however I love your outfit
bok, digedein dooooong poto2nya! pake photobucket aja say. gimana? biar puas eike mandangin detil2 outfit lo yg keren2 :)

btw, pose lo oke2 nih kali ini. bak super model deh pokoknya hehehe....
Andhari said…
Hahaha i think if I try that Madonna pose I'll break something :P

You're hilarious.
DwD said…
buset ya si makdonna, udah seumuran nyokap tapi masih lentur gilak gitu!
tamenk said…
bisa copot lo punya kaki sebelah nekk
tapi pose lo yang di atas keyen2
tapi kok blur si nekk
but love ur pose so much hahahaa
anne j said…
LMAO! you're fashionably hilarious
Chekka Cuomova said…
hehehe it's good to see you guys laughing.. mission accomplished hehe..
candyfeet said…
hai....chekka! and everyone, finally the boots landed into your hand dear,FYI, this boots from,agak susah juga ya CF pikir kira2 boots model seperti ini nga ada peminatnya di jakarta, eh ga taunya hehehe..... gmn tanggepannya setelah pake boots itu say?boleh dong kasih masukannya dear....and oh, you also can visit CF blog to see the story inside the boots ;) tengkyuwww.....
Chekka Cuomova said…
@ candyfeet: hi! I didn't know these are from your store cuz I bought it from my friend's store :) however, these boots are super comfy. you know the puffs inside make it comfy. and I love the design pretty much. especially the 3 buckles detail. great shoes :)
candyfeet said…
hi..dear, iya CF titip jual di Mi Casa Su Casa (pretty store and owner heheh)bdw boleh ga say CF copy pic kamu yang sambil make buckle boots nya? mau CF masukin di blog, thx yaa ;)
Chekka Cuomova said…
@ candyfeet: waaa jangan yang ini yakk.. nanti aku post foto lain yang layak tampil hihihi.. not this one, please :D
candyfeet said…
hihih....oke, say, fotonya kirimin ke email CF aja di, thx.... ;)
dinadinadina said…
hehehehe... aseli gue ngakak lyad pose yang trakhir..
macam engklek aje kaki lo..
tapi yg nge blur oke tuh..
percuma lo dulu perna ngebalet.. ko ga lentur lagi.. :D

suka sama blazernyaaa....
Unknown said…
haha the last pic is so funny :DD
Anonymous said…
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