So, What's Your Name Again?

I forced myself to go outside and breath limitless fresh air instead of staying in my bedroom all day long for almost 5 days! Not that I locked myself in, it's all because of the gum infection that's made me suffer for almost a week. So I decided to go somewhere quiet nearby to have my picture taken. I asked my maid and my niece to come with me so that I don't have to run errands just to push the button of my DSLR camera. Hehehe. I don't have enough power to do that, so... :D
But then I thought maybe I could train my maid to operate my camera. It's not that hard to play with the zoom lens and push the button, right? And yeah! She could do it waaaayy better than I expected! I should give her tips to appreciate her great job.

Victorian lace satin blouse + high waisted skirt : thrift store
Lace stocking + shoes : forever 21

This victorian blouse has a funny story to tell. At first the seller set the price at IDR 25.000 ($3 approx.) but of course I never buy something without bargaining. I asked him to lower the price to IDR 10.000 (less than $1) and after spending a minute or two reconsidering, the seller nodded his head and said "Okay but in one condition: may I know your name?" Hahaha I laughed and shook his hand telling that I go there very often and sure I'll buy from him again. LOL!


Andhari said…
Girlie you're very good at it, I like how you combine everything :) Do you check other blogs like yours too? Have you checked Cupcake and Cashmere I got the feeling you'll like it, cuz you're both beautiful and know how to dress like a superstar of course :)
TalkingMonkee said…
Wow, gorgeous and oh so early 20th century but with a 21st century style.

I'm getting a top like that made soon because I'm way too cheap to buy one.

I've added your link to my blogroll btw!
Anonymous said…
tetep gaya ya walaupun sakit.. :)
Anonymous said…
lucu bgd blus nya...
sepatunyaaa.. tetep gua sukaa bgd!!!
Unknown said…

good to encounter another really fashionable blogger in this side of the region! i've added you to my blogroll, add me up to yours as well?
Anonymous said…
Lucu lucu lucu..
Brasa k tempo dulu bgd, foto di rerumputan gitu.. =)
akhirnyaaaa...kesampaian juga dipotoin hehehe. dimana potonya nih? akhir pekan ini gw cuman poto2 sekali doang huhuhuhu. btw, nice ensemble. love the vintage feel of the whole thing. and how the shoes updated it. kamyu emang pinter bergaya :)
Unknown said…
so envy those shoes! you have F21 in indonesia?!! lucky you. thanks for dropping by the site anyway. ever thought about travelling over to the phils sometime?! you'll love the beaches. lemme know!

Unknown said…
I love the white gorgeous.

Anonymous said…
iiyyhh..trendy sekali syih kamyuuu hahahaha
sumpah ya baru yang namanya "real vintage"
and the best part is that u're really good on it
this is what i call "cheap" and chic" hehe
Anonymous said… chic n cute...
Do you have lookbook?
Minta linknya dong ^^
I want your shoes...poor me live in Surabaya..only has Zara in here...
Moga2 f21 buka cabang di SBY jadi bisa belanja di sana..
bosen Zara mulu...

btw...victorian memang nggak ngehype lagi tapi...keren banget kalo km yang pake...bakal jadi in lagi nie

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