I almost forget to share this coolness B-) I stroke a pose for Swank Glossy, the online fashion and lifestyle magazine. As you all remember, this is the outfit I wore for Louis Vuitton grand opening party. And, this is my first time posing for another street-snapper, to be honest. LOL!
Thanks Swank Glossy for snapping me. Hehehehe. :D


Jen said…
You look amazing!!! I adore everything, especially the shoes ^__^
Andhari said…
Fierce, I love everything about it. Especially the shoes and how you use that belt. You rock.
Eyeliah said…
oh you look so great, very cute!
Anonymous said…
totally gorgeous!!
lo mang ratu pose de nekk
cuma kok ya mimiknya mesem amat bu hahahahaha
Anonymous said…
u look amazing.
love u blog
LS said…
Just found your blog from TFS, I love your outfit!
Rosanna said…
love this outfit!

keyeeeeen!!! me want the shoes!
casey said…
What an amazing outfit! I'm loving the lace :]
anne j said…
TRES CHIC!!!! this one is my fave

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