Take a Bow

Cheyqua in Street Snap — March 7th, 2009

Where: Grand Opening Louis Vuitton Global Store
What: Young and effortlessly chic! I love how she mixed masculinity with femininity. Her boyfriend blazer is fashionably lovely and the bow on her shoes, super cute!


loooveee the shoeeesss ! so cute hehe .
Anonymous said…
sepatunyaa.. manis bgd...
Vertiginoso said…
OOooooh Alors un Blog imaginaire Mais un GLAMour Bien réel !!!
AND truly mesmerizing on your Black § White banner, haughty/sexy nonchalance AND "fetish peep toe effect", Or what a Bewitching cocktail !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine
Anonymous said…
Lookin' good! LV can eat its heart out.

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