Yesterday's Promise

Finally! The converting and a bit of photoshop-ing is done! There are still great photos to come and perhaps I'll use it as my new header. :D No, I'm not gonna put my own narcissistic pic on the header again. Hehehe. Just wait and see. The new header is coming soon next friday! (Set the alarm from now :p)
Okay darlings, hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

Wardrobe: Priyo Oktaviano
Model: Natalya Gumilevskaya
Fashion Stylist: Thornandes James
Make-up Artist & Hairdo: Philip Kwok & Team
Photographer: Stanley Allan

Those pics are belong to me! I took it and edited it (despite my lack of photoshop ability) all by my self. So please, if you wanna repost one of these pics, don't forget to write the credit.

Hehehehe. Why so serious, darling? :D


Andhari said…
Sigh the girl is hot. Lol.
paanie said…
cool. are you an assistant?
tamenk said…
gilee priyo
baju cakep2 amat yakkk
pingin *badan model plus bajunya juga skalian*
Anonymous said…
I love the photos, the stylism is greta
anne j said…
great photos especially the last one. and the clothes are beautifully edgy, me want!
Chekka Cuomova said…
@ xs: yes, I'm a fashion stylist assistant :)

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