Who: Barli Asmara, Designer
Where: Senayan City Jakarta
What: If there’s a word “chic” for men, that would be the fittest word to describe his casual yet sleek monochromatic look. Perhaps perfectly fitted (white) suit like this could be what our men needs right now.


Narita Helgania said…
yayy..i'm the first one
gila ya barlii...guanteng bokkk
and i like the way he dressed up
chic tapi ga berlebihan
two thumbs up!!
Anonymous said…
hei chekka..
first of all, i love ur name? kinda Russian name?am i rite?
yep, aku jg suka koleksinya barli, simply chick!!gorgeous!elegant..:)
btw, drop by some times at my blog ya..even my blog ga sekeren blogmu.
anyway, u give me inspirations..;p
Andhari said…
One of my friends dressed exactly like him. Don't you just adore chic guys? lol
dinadinadina said…
seger ngelyadnya.. :)
Anonymous said…
très chic!!
evita nuh said…
he's super cool! everytime i see indonesia performer that make me think "woow her outfit is so wicked cool!" and the next thing is "it's by barli" cool! and i was thing..."ahhh that's why" hihihi...
kadler said…
Wow, I completely agree - I'd love to see more men looking like that. He's extremely chic.

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