When We Dance

Is there anyone here love Sting? Please raise your hand now. :)

Thrifted blazer + jumpsuit. Forever21 platform shoes.

I learned Ballet when I was a little kid. I stopped because the little me thought that the lesson was boring. My teacher only taught me to dance like a little duck, shake my ass because she thought kids look cute doing that, and dressed me in little duck costume when I wanted to be Odette in Swan Lake. Oh well. :p


Pepa Xavier said…
ahaha, I also went to ballet classes when I was younger. But I never liked it...it was more my mums dream. lol I adore your jumpsuit btw.
jude said…
I like sting & I love your outfit :D
dinadinadina said…
outfit-nya lucuuu..... :)
suka deh.. <3
LBJ said…
I'm raising my hand sky high right now and loving your outfit at the same time.

I'm a multi-tasker.

KAREN said…
wow great photos! <3
love your outfit
Anonymous said…
chekka...huuu..cooolll jumpsuit..!!
Chekka Cuomova said…
@ Pepa Xavier: LOL! it's funny how most mothers want their daughter to learn Ballet! hihihi.. thanks for your compliment :)

@ jude: high five then!! hihi.. thank you dear

@ dina: makasih cinnn..

@ LBJ: hahaha thank you :D

@ Karen: thanks dear :)

@ talithalubis: makasih yaaa.. ;)
Narita Helgania said…
ahhhh...hasilnya lebih bagus dari perkiraan gua hahahhahahha
lucuuuuuuu..ang purrrfect pose
berbalet ria dengan jumpsuit??cuma lo doang yang bisa hahahhahaa
Anonymous said…
Hi there, just realize u have a blog! Beautiful jumpers, beautiful posture! U have got great collections of vint.

(Fellow Chictopian)
Unknown said…
I feel the same way about ballet...I wish I had stuck it out when I didn't like it. I,d love to be a good ballerina now!! Gorgeous outfit, the jumpsuit suits you perfectly and I love it mixed with the bright blue blazer.

Jen said…
That's such a cute jumpsuit!! I'm still looking for a good one myself :)
casual cutie said…
wah itu jumpsuit ya mba??? kerennn
Anonymous said…
I love how u play with vintage and modern things!!!!
really love ur style...
Unknown said…
hello gorgeous!

as always, today's outfit post does not disappoint. you always find a way to look trendy and fantastic. love the jumpsuit! had one that looks a lot like it but i had to give it away as it was too short and unflattering on me:(

anyway, i love sting. i always play his songs on my radio show. isnt he just dreamy?

much love

me! me! me! i loooove sting! and you look cool in that outfit and dancing like that :D
Esme said…
I love the thrifted blazer! And i just added you to my blogroll, btw. where do you thrift? and that jumpsuit's adorable!
Anonymous said…
Keren, Chek ;)
.cha said…
hi.. love your blog ;)
***and your jumpsuit too**
thx for visited my blog

im currently making blogroll, lets relate!

see ya stylish ;p
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