Saved by The Bell

My daddy's shirt. DIY necklace (This is the only necklace I have. Pardon me)
Thrifted bell-shaped skirt. candyfeet booties.

My current fave items in my closet would be the high-waisted skirts. Call me so-last-decade but I just successfully collected my confidence to pull them off since I (used to) think that anything high-waisted won't look flattering to my pear-shaped body. Thank God I lost 7 pounds so the pear has turned into cucumber???? Hehehe.. I'm just kidding *big grin*

* Thanks to Dhyta from Stain on My Red Shoes for taking these pics! :D


Phucephuce said…
Weww.. Kurus amat lo sekarang!!
Jadi keren nekk badan lo, makin jangkung!! :D
outfitnya seperti biasa, keren!!

If you're a pear then what I am? :(
Laura Mullins said…
love, love, love your outfit here! gray is one of my favorite colors ever (weird, i know), but you pull it off so well! perfect with that skirt.
Ms. Match said…
Nice shoes and necklace! Oh.. and the thrifted skirt, ps. senen? :)
dinadinadina said…
huee,,,, manis beneerr,, <3
love it!!

hah? pear??
trus gua apa?
watermelon?? :((
Anonymous said…
This is what I call "effortlessly chic". Works!
Narita Helgania said…
kemaren gua susah2 nulis komen eh mati lampu di kantor hahahhaa

anyway, i like how the background light gives great effect for your fabulous outfit!!
esp. me love your DIY necklace so much, gorgeous!!
Chekka Cuomova said…
Merci à tous!! thanks thanks :D

@ stain on my red shoes: jangan sensi donk sayang.. jelas2 lo size 0 gua size 4.. mnurut lo?? LOL

@ ms. match: yes, of course the infamous pasar senen :D

@ dina: haha I didn't say that yaaa! :D
t a l i s h a said…
hahaha i actually laughed at the part where you said "cucumber?" haha. ur body looks nothing like a pear- shaped one. and i loveee ur skirt :)
I love high-waisted skirts, and that skirt looks fabulous on you! :)

Thanks for your sweet comment! <3

Katya T. said…
Hi, Chekka! Love your look! Drolling on your necklace! :D
Photos are very nice too :) What is this place, it looks familiar, hmmm... :)
SBTB- haha, looove that show (and these necklaces and shoes, on you, too!)

x, thanks!
Laura Mullins said…
I gave you an award! This may not be your first time to receive it, but... oh well (:
andrea said…
love the shoes!:)
Anonymous said…
nggak kuno kok...aku aja masih mencari rok itu tapi nggak nemu..nemu...
keren sie kalungnya dan nggak percaya kalo itu kamu yang bikin..keren......
ragil mega said…
I really like this outfit!!
TheShoeGirl said…
I love your photo backgrounds!!

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