Shop it to Me!

My dad's shirt. DIY necklace.
Sequins leggings from eBay. Steve Madden wedges.

When it comes to shoe-shopping, I prefer to shop online. It's mainly because they're somewhat cheaper and not so many people wearing the same thing here in Jakarta. Hehehe.
Okay I'll spill my shopping secret now. Every Sunday I receive an email from, and this is not just an email baby, it's a salemail! Since I'm a fan of Steve Madden, so I'd receive salemails about Steve Madden shoes (or any other brands that I like and ship to my country) on SALE! I hate full price so it works for me. Interesting, no? So darlings, just click here to sign up and enjoy the free service. :)


Victoria Jin said…
The bright blue color is very inviting :) and those shoes are amazing. i'm definitely checking out that website :)
ragil mega said…
bokap lo nyentrik amat. warna bajunya keren nek..
love the tights and wedges.
overall great lah
$ouLphate said…
YAY a fellow shopittome trendsetter! really liking this outfit.. the sequin leggings are amazing! your style is great, care to link? xoxo
Anonymous said…
I love your diy necklace.could you please tell us how you made it
Maria said…
Beautiful wedges. *
Narita Helgania said…
love ur outfit and adore ur shoes so much <3<3<3
t a l i s h a said…
Kak chekka, is this pair of steve madden's uncomfy too?? Hehehe I have no steve madden shoes hahaha..
Phuce said…
Cakep cakep!! :-bd
Belanja secara online emang banyak keuntungannya, seperti yg dirimu bilang, barang ga pasaran trus lebih murah. Tapi gw tetep aja ga bisa, pasti selalu keduluan atau takut barangnya ga sesuai sama yg difoto.:(
Anonymous said…
Are you a member of U should really join! Btw, I was thinking if you could send me an invite to the tfs? Been lurking there for a year now and I have a lot to contribute. Would appreciate it. :) My email add is: THANK U!!
are those wedges new? i freakin' envy you. if i didn't have to go back to the states, i would want to buy more shoes like you do. i am on a leash now in term of buying shoes, my luggage would be busted if i keep buying shoes :(

love this style. the sequined leggings make the statement as the rest of the pieces simply complement the whole look.

now i miss raiding my room mates closet again (been a while since i did that) hehehe....
amel said…
mantabbbbbbbbbbb leggingnya say!!! gw punya yang glitter tapi ga tau kapan mau make heehehe.... ;)
Salemail sounds good! Love the wedges

I've linked you btw =]
you look amazing! i love the men's shirt, it looks so cool with the gold necklace.
i wish i could shop online.. with the difference between dollars and pesos (what we use where i live) + shipping fees, it'd be like i was paying full price... sigh
Unknown said…
chekka, you look so fantastic! you always do.:) thanks for the tipoff! i've been trying to get shoes online as well, and looks like i'll give that a try!

ooooh.. and sequined leggings. arent those fabulous!

much love

anggi said…
wow, those leggings catch my eyes at the very first time! loove it! and the whole outfit is gorgeous like always, chekka!

btw, thx to visiting my blog! have i told you i linking you on my blog? i did. i hope you don't mind :)
Chekka Cuomova said…
thanks everyone *big hug* :D
Ms. Match said…
oh wow.. thanks for the shopping tip! will definitely check the link out. This is bad for my savings but great for my wardrobe!
Loving those leggings and DIY necklace. You are soo adorable.

Check out our blog.

Sushi said…
love this outfit - so gorgeous! x Sushi
PrincessImp. said…
This look on you is amazing. I don't know if it's the necklace or the shirt or the leggings, but it all really came together in that picture of you smiling. You have a great smile! :D
WENDY said…
your dad seems to have the coolest outfit lol!
love your style & that layers of necklace ;)

Anonymous said…
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