Paris! Paris!

Ohhh joy. I was asked by the famous, young, and talented Indonesian fashion photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina to help her on the photoshoot project for her photo exhibition. I was really overjoyed and super excited. Beforehand, I made sure that she did really wanted me to be the fashion stylist because I knew my capacity. I'm still a newbie in this industry, c'mon! There are loads of outstanding fashion stylist out there and it's just so hard to believe that she trusts me. And so, like a dream came true, she helped me build my portfolio. Envy me! :D

Me wearing Forever21 kimono top, thrifted high waisted skirt, Ninewest shoes
Coach wristlet, and red hat from French.

Come and see the photo exhibition at Airlangga Restaurant, Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta
6 - 14 July 2009.

Ps: I'm gonna post all the photos once I got them from Nicoline. Stay tuned. :D


Phucephuce said…
Woww.. Congratz ya beyb.. Asli keren bgt foto2nya!! And nice outfit (kaya kenal tuh ninewest-nya, hwehe..)

Ditunggu foto2 lainnya cinn..
congratulations chekka!! you deserved it and yes.. i envy you so bad!!
ghaisani said…
okay, I serioulsy envy you, but in a good way :)
ONiC said…
ohh yeahhh i envy you. congrats yah ;)
i am sooo proud of you! you have the talent and i know you can do it!
thornandes said…
congratz luvv! I know u can!
Andhari said…
Look at you all hot and talented. Cute top btw.
dinadinadina said…
owowow..... paris-nya kereenn....
makin dekat untuk menjadi profesional..
bangganyaaaaaa.. :)
selamaat yaa..
aku turut syenankk!!
all the great wishes for you dear! i happy for it and i'm not envy *lol

though i can't reach the exhibiton to watch it. But i'm truly sure your works are GREAAAAAAATTT!!! Congrats Chekka! <3

Karen said…
again, congrats for your works! I believe you're very talented (:
I love your outfit. it's very french. so chic!
caramelle said…
congrats yaaa :)
ragil mega said…
Yayyy!! Congrats.. you deserve it!
Aldy said…
Nice posting chekka, well keep it up girl life is just wonderful to joy
Cici Liu Putra said…
congratz che...
kesuksesan segera menghampiri anda..hihi
t a l i s h a said…
congrats kak chekka.. nice hat! you look so parisian-chic! (:
L.I.N said…
oh congratulations!!! how flattering! anyway, the hat is divine :D
Congratulations yaa.... May I link Your blog??? Thx you.

congratz for your work and you are so lucky have to attend event before the bom closed the hotel :) you are so lucky
TheShoeGirl said…
Thats awesome! And you look so cute!
Anonymous said…
wow...its so cool!!
congrats to u :)
anw,i love ur blog :)
wanna exchange link?
please reply on my blog :D
Laura Mullins said…
COOL! congrats. wish i could make the exhibition
sofiasophie said…
Where are U?
I miss your posts.... on holliday as everybody?
c u & take care....
Marie-Louise said…
love that top- its very flattering-
looks like your having fun :)
Kira Aderne said…
Love your outfit!
Paris is just a dream for everyone :)))

Great blog!
Carla Novia said…
wow congrats! you deserve it =]
Unknown said…
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