Ebay! Ebay!

Lovelies, don't you like this? *wink wink*

I'm selling this beautiful yet edgy woven romper on ebay. Go bid it here, right about now!! :D


Andhari said…
Chekka, teach me how to play in ebay please. What do you have to do? I'm kinda scared at giving credit card numbers :/
Anonymous said…
keren...lucu banget
carissa said…
uwaaaah.... lucuuu! kayak dianyam deh. :D
Raden Prisya said…
ebay could definitely give you great stuff.. btw i love how u wrote this things! care to share my link as well? http://radenprisya.blogspot.com i'll link yours too.

salam kenal :D
Mads said…
Love it! the woven detail is so couture..

Olga Babenko said…
I like your dress))so cool idea)
Susan Angelia said…
I love your outfit that day especially the shoes :] I don't think you should change your header, it looks great. Btw, mind to exchange link dear?

OmNomNom said…
aww. so cute. :D
e. link? :DD
Tiaz said…
oh lovely dress

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