Bloody Monroe

>> Friday, January 30, 2009

My mother said fuschia works for my skin. I say, cheap dresses work for me.

fuschia double breasted dress : thrift store
platform shoes : forever 21


Confession of an Intern (part I)

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

9th June 2008

It was my first day being an intern at Soap Magazine Indonesia, and it brought me to the gate of the fashion drama. No, I'm not saying that that the colleagues are the major drama. No. It was a MEN fashion and lifestyle magazine, so I could say that there was no drama among the editors. Did I just say "it was"? Yes, it was. There's no longer Soap Magazine Indonesia here on earth. :(

Okay back to the topic. The drama started when I and my boss, Thornandes James (who at that time was the Senior Fashion Editor) attended one of the greatest Indonesian fashion designer's show, Sebastian Gunawan, at Hotel Mulia Jakarta. I wasn't quite dressed-up that day, since my objective for the whole day was to work, not to attend such big event. It was painful that most people saw me with such a strange look :( Well, it was my first day swimming in the fashion ocean, remember? Donc, since I was a new little fish swimming solo, James introduced me to several fashion fish; the editors from other fashion magazines, the PRs, patati patata et cetera. And so the curtain was opened, the drama was started...

James introduced me to an editor of a magazine. (no details, sorry)

James: Please meet Chekka, my new assistant. She's an intern.
Mean fish #1: Oh okay, hello. (kinda shout to the other fish-mates) She's only an intern! AN INTERN! An intern, right?!

I didn't really notice, nor I realized she said that to make fun of me, but James told me afterwards. Then I started to alert myself when I hear some fish throw a word about me. I didn't know what's so wrong being an intern, neither I knew that this ocean could be so mean to the new fish. I was thrilled.

To be continued.. Stay tuned ;)


Tadaah Tadaah

>> Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet my bestfriend, Narita! We both love shopping hard at the thrift store but never have a chance to go thrifting together. Stupidooo!!

on Narita: thrifted top & skirt / the gladiator sandal is mine, from bellesdejour

on Me: Zara blazer / thrifted skirt / h&m tights / urbanoutfitters booties

c'est tout!


I hate final reduction sale when I'm flat broke!

>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

So I went to Plaza Indonesia with my mom. It's stupid I know that I should've avoided that shopping heaven while I only have like $50 in my skinny purse and my savings are penniless. I'm totally broke, and so are my parents. :((

First thing first, I gave my eyes and my feet a shoes theraphy by entering Rococo, tried a Betsey Johnson ankle boots and L.A.M.B strappy platform sandal. No baby, there's no way for me to buy em. I only have $50 in my purse, remember? And I don't have credit card simply because none of the banks in the whole wide world would approve someone who doesn't earn at least $500/month like me :D

In the end I spent my last $50 for Zara peep toe booties though. :(( I did really wanted to buy the knee high boots but my mom wouldn't donate enough so that I could afford that. Okay, I let em go, took them back to the display table with tears falling down from my eyes *exaggerated*.

The worst thing was I kept on getting myself a shoes theraphy from store to store. I popped in Pedder Red and found this darn fierce strappy studded suede shoes and I was like "ohhh fuckkkk!!!". Okay well, I couldn't afford it anyway. It's $100 and remember? I only had $50. :(( Next destination was Ninewest, nothing really captivated me anyway. And the last stop was Linea (I skipped On Pedder and Louboutin because I didn't wanna eat my heart out), and there was another lovely studded shoes sitting fiercely and yes, there's no need to mention the price since you already know I have no cash in my purse anymore, it all went to Zara cashier machine and there's no way to have it back.

Oh la. It's all about shoes, shoes, and shoes. I'm a shoefetish who's willing to prostitute myself for the sake of the dream shoes *exaggerated part II*. I hate expensive clothes and won't spend more than $50 for that, but I love shoes no matter how expensive they are and how broke I am.
à plus tard!


Golden Globes Picks

I wrote the article here, but most of the comments disappoint me. I'm talking about comparison of the red-carpet look versus the runway look, but the comments turn out to be like "..but I love Drew's dress." or "..I love Anne's dress." while those dresses they mentioned aren't the runway look so that's why I didn't put the pics on my article. Those celebs have it their way, not have it from runway. Why couldn't you just understand?!

Oh la. Let's just forget about it. I'll share you the pics! :)


Cameron Diaz in Chanel Couture 2008

Demi Moore in Dior S/S 2009

Freida Pinto in Christian Lacroix Couture 2008

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Lanvin S/S 2009 

January Jones in Versace S/S 2009 (me loves both look!!)

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta S/S 2009 (me loves both look!!)

That's all.

pic source:


Reminiscences from The 90's

>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cheyqua in Fashion Splash, Trends — January 12th, 2009

I’ve been observing that tucked-in shirts to jeans or pants is obviously back to the fashion trend in Jakarta, and I’ve seen so many teenagers religiously dressed up like that. It slightly reminds me back in the 90’s trend when people tucked their baggy shirts with rolled-up sleeves, in their high-waisted momma’s jeans. Cute, no?
It has become very clear that the 90’s trend is definitely back to the rotation. First, we already have the vest trend. Second , we also have the legging and colorful tights trend which was also a big hit back in the 80’s. Third, plaids shirts which Dolce & Gabbana had offered for this fall/winter 2008 which reminded us of the grunge style. Fourth , bien sûr the fierce Doc Martens and platform shoes which I had talked about on the previous articles. Fifth, the bare midriff (as seen on Prada S/S 2009). Sixth , the motorcycle leather jacket. And the last but not the least , the upcoming shoulder pads trend.
But I still have one more trend forecast to discuss about. Ripped jeans . One fine day, I saw a junior in my college wearing ripped jeans, baggy t-shirt and a pair of Converse shoes. It looked damn good on her, and I started to think that perhaps this kind of 90’s laid-back style will be back again, apart from the rejection to the Spring/Summer 2008 forecast. Did I just say ‘rejection’? Yes ladies, on last Spring/Summer 2008, some of the designers like Maison Martin Margiela, D’Squared2, and Christopher Kane, and some retails like Topshop and Diesel offered this ripped jeans trend. Some of A-list Hollywood celebritie s were also captured wearing a pair of ripped jeans while taking a stroll. But in fact, many people turned this trend down simply because they thought this trend is such a disaster . But then I browsed and found out that apparently Balmain have the ripped jeans for the Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Is the trend coming back again? However, I still don’t see many people wearing it in real life until today.
So, are you gonna pull-off this ripped-jeans trend?

Photos:, personal image collections


Lanvin s/s 2009

>> Friday, January 9, 2009

I can't believe the fact that I hadn't seen Lanvin Spring/Summer 2009 collection until my precious mate Thornandes James asked me to email him the collection. Or maybe it was a sign? A sign to slap me on the face that the collection is outstandingly awesome. I swear to God, I burst into tears until tonight, the moment I see it. I am not exaggerating it, it's such a bitter fact that I can't afford it!! Oh please, someone do me a favor, give me an instant job with a big big salary.
If I have € 1126.00 plus the extra cash to pay the shipping fee, I'd hysterically buy the LIGHT TAFFETA COVERED SHOULDER DRESS which Raquel Zimmerman wore on runway (as seen on the third picture above). But if you're a lucky bastard who has loads of cash, don't know how to spend it, and thinks that maybe this dress looks good on you, move your pointer and click and then go to hell.

I'm just kidding. And I'm jealous.

pic source:


Campaign Toast

>> Monday, January 5, 2009

I've always been crazy about ad campaign and so here you are, the campaign invasion for spring/summer 2009! Ehem, well, most of these ads I posted are my favorites by the way. The best one? Prada, of course.

Bottega Veneta
Nice tone, and the pose is so Bottega Veneta's ads!
Dolce & Gabbana
Mariacarla looks amazing!! Loves it!
It's a bit too much for me, but I can feel the summer spirits by lookin at this ad
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Kinky pose. Just love it! =)
One thing that annoyed me is that facial expression showed by the male model!
The tone, the poses, ohh everything seems to be perfect in this ad! LOVE IT!
I've never liked Kate Moss and why on earth she's so everywhere on the spring/summer 2009 campaign ads?
Love it. Love it. Love it.
Louis Vuitton
LV lvoe celebrity. But Madonna looks stunning in this ad. And, OH THAT SHOES!
Giorgio Armani
It's Sasha Pivovarova who makes me like this ad
I am still waiting for other amazing campaign ads. Cheers!

images source: tfs forum


Victorian Edgy

Cheyqua in Street Snap — December 31st, 2008

Who: Karin Wijaya
Where: IPMI Show, Senayan City
What: I love every piece that she wore, from head to toe. <3


Bonne Année!

>> Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year everyone! Wish you a fashionable life in 2009! *wink wink*



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