Chino goes Bananas

1st pic: daddy's tshirt. mama & leon chino dress worn as skirt. DIY layers necklace.
Christopher Kane for Topshop rivet platforms.
2nd pic: mama & leon chino dress worn as corseted tube dress. Topshop leather jacket. Necklace from Bugis Village.
Christopher Kane for Topshop rivet platforms.

Last March I joined a Live in Chino contest held by and Banana Republic Indonesia. To be honest, at first I didn't even know what Chino is, and yes, I know I'm so lame because I just knew it from fashionesedaily hehehe. Don't know what Chino is? Thank me later, here I copied-and-pasted this for you:

Chino cloth is a kind of twill fabric, usually made primarily from cotton. Originally used in British and French military uniforms in the mid-1800s, today it is also used to make civilian clothing. There is even a style of pants, "chinos", named after the fabric, though sometimes they are referred to as "khakis" (source here)

Long story short, I was a lucky bastard for being one of the winner! I uploaded my photos in the very very unforgivably last minute, only got 5 voters for both of my photos and guess what, the dearest Banana Republic team chose me to win the prize: a Banana Republic shopping voucher worth IDR 1.000.000 (approx. $110). As it's planned, I gave the voucher to my mom and slightly forced / assured / persuaded her to buy the shoes (that I think) worth buying. At first she agreed, but when she unwrapped the shoes at home, then she changed her mind. She was like: "The design is, indeed, sooo me. But you know I could never wear such wedges because they're just too high. I guess I'll just let you wear them." However she still keeps it in her closet until now. LOL.

Again, thank you muchas fashionesedaily and Banana Republic Indonesia. :))


t a l i s h a said…
Love your boots!! Arghhh.. And the wedges from banrep are so pretty :)
Anonymous said…
oh god
ur shoes super gergeous :)

shatirah / tyra'station
Nora said…
congrats for winning. love your boots very much. gorgeous. =))

hugs and kisses,
Anonymous said…
Shes a scare crow. shes sees all the kids come into the library and just scares them away.

btw i am NOT psycho :)


Tina chan scares away little kids too.

Unknown said…
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Nadia said…
those shoes are killing! gorgous!
***in love with ur shoes!!!!
comment back
Unknown said…
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Lovely boots. I liek your blog. So interesting and inspiring too:)
CarteBlanche said…
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putri soe said…
you are so lucky!
anyway, followed and linked you! :)
L.I.N said…
i love both shoes!!
I love the t-shirt with the dress, perfect combination of prim and proper and casual!

Laura Mullins said…
wow, your dad must be small! haha

anyway, i love both of your outfits! (:
Luna S said…
those wedges are the shit. i loovveee them.
i love wearing guy's t-shirts. i wear my grandpa's as pajamas all the time :) they're the comfiest.

love always,
Anonymous said…
congratulation dear, you really deserved it.
Unknown said…
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