Introducing my (settled) online portfolio! Please kindly visit:
and don't hesitate to leave me a feedback so that I could improve my styling skill. Or maybe you could give me a fantastic opportunity such as a commercial shoot project, perhaps? *big grin*


nitia/ monto said…
checked the website. wow you're awesome :) anyhow i wonder how did you find all those male models :p
GREAT styling! keep it up! The models look great in your shoots. Sometimes I see very nice photos from other people but the models look very out of place. you did a great job! :)

Jennifer & Sherry
fnatassa said…
interested blog, love it <3
teresa said…
models look great, good shots!
Annabel said…
coooooool photos!
OMG! OMG! Darn... I like all the photos... huah...
anyway, where ure from?? maybe sumtime i wanna work with u! MAybe...;)

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