Shoes and Your Crap

It's actually a long overdue story I should've shared months ago.
So, does anyone know what happens to Just in case you don't know what the hell is, it's a blog online 'store' run by a (pretty) famous fashion blogger, luluandyourmom, that sells many many high-fashion items like designers shoes, bags, clothes, etc. I bought three pairs of shoes from her, it only cost me $150 including shipping to my country, paid on NOVEMBER 2009, and by January 2010 I still haven't received the shoes so I shoot them an email asking if they've sent my shoes. I've bought lotsa stuff from US/UK before and none of them took more than a month to arrive.

Two weeks waiting but still there was no reply from her. I smelt something wasn't right so I filed a dispute on paypal before it's too late. But sadly, after an awful loooooong investigation from paypal (because this blogger didn't respond at all), I got nothing but this from paypal:

"After careful consideration, we're unable to decide this claim in your favor at this time."

I was bloody upset! I can't file a chargeback because I paid them using my paypal balance. And so I tried to terror her by sending mails by mails asking for a refund. I’ve sent her emails, asked via twitter, even I cynically mentioned her name on twitter for not shipping out my stuff or at least get back to my emails but still, no respond at all. I've become so mad to see how she still updates her fashion blog, posting outfits, and even making sales on eBay but still NOT replying my email, not even once. And oh, talking about the shoesandyourmom blog, it's never been updated again since November 2009. First the blogger disabled comments on the blog, and now the blog is open to invited readers only. Wow.

I know $150 might not mean so much for some people, but it means a lot to me. It sucks to have to pay for something you don't even have. I don't know if there anything else I can do to get a refund as it's been months and trying to communicate with her is just a waste of energy. Maybe it's just too late but helloooo, this fellow blogger is still updating her fashion blog would it take so much effort just to reply just one of my emails? :( 

Too bad shoesandyourmom ended like this, it used to be one of my favorite place to grab a bargain. Is there anyone who also had the same or similar problem with shoesandyourmom? Share with me please!


Rchliey said…
so sadly chekka. next time, you have to be careful to buy shoes out of this country
shannonloves said…
so obvious how ignorant she is.
not a nice blogger. :(
Rose said…
You have to realise that SAYM is run by Lulu, but the shoes are sold by different people using the service as a middleman, kind of like EBay. So you may think that Lulu is cheating you, but it very well could be someone else who is!
Chekka Cuomova said…
Dear Rose,
as I already mentioned on twitter, I bought 3pairs of shoes via SAYM before n everything went smooth. I sent the payment after Lulu sent me the invoice and the last email I received from her was "Okay, got it." and it was on November.
few weeks later I emailed her again because I wanted to buy two other pairs, she sent me the invoice and I sent the payment straightaway. There, she stopped replying my email. I emailed her just to confirm if she's received my payment, and she didn't write me back.
Months passed and I started to worry about the shoes I bought because I still have not received them. then I wrote her again (not only Lulu, I wrote to Highdee too, asking the same questions), and fyi all my emails were very polite, but she has not responded until now.

I am not saying Lulu is cheating me, I am just WONDERING WHY she hasn't responded to my emails. she left me hanging. and okay, if it's my fault for not following her policy, which policy now then? I have bought 3 pairs of shoes from SAYM and it was all thru the same process.

so what's actually going on with SAYM??
Anonymous said…
Hey Chekka

Thanks for the kind reply, it really has helped me understand the situation a little more! As mentioned on Twitter, I'm very sorry this had to happen to you but I myself am not sure what is going on... hopefully you can get this sorted out with her in some form or another. I can understand you are incredibly frustrated thus you posting this entry to gain some sort of reply from her. I got a DM from her asking me not to give you any attention as you "harassing" and "irrational" which I found really strange... That being said, I can't really comment on the issue as I don't know both sides of the story but wish you all the best.

- Rose
colleen said…
I bought a pair of shoes from SAYM - they were actually from her personal collection.

I paid via paypal then waited for well over a month to hear from her or get my shoes.

I started to get a little frustrated and then emailed her quite officially. She responded and said the shoes were sent, then a few weeks later the shoes showed up.

I guess I was lucky - at least I got the shoes.

However there was a scratch on the front toe area that she had not disclosed, and for the price she charged they were really worn. No wonder she didn't sell them on ebay.

Not happy with Lulu at all, but like you say it isn't worth the hassle, especially since i live in another country.

BTW, I previously bought a pair from SAYM that were from another outside source. Those took 3 months to arrive, and I had to send emails that time too. Ended up being a mailing mistake (seller claimed) however I think it was just a really disorganized attempt to open an ebay style online store.

I feel bad for Lulu for crashing and burning, but she handled it really badly. I don't even go to her blog anymore - it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I would share this with other bloggers/readers as a warning and bad blogger example. It isn't right. Maybe Lulu will be shamed into doing the right thing - and you'll get some of your money returned to you.

For shame Lulu.
Rose said…
Hey again Chekka,

I'm sorry if I was rude to you earlier on, I wasn't sure who to believe because i didnt know both sides of the story and didnt want to make comment or get involved. Lulu DMed me (as mentioned in my last comment) asking me not to tweet your story as it is was giving you undeserved attention as you were "harassing" and "irrational". I politely asked her if she thought you were "harassing" her, why not just talk to you to get matters sorted, but she didnt reply to me. Instead she wrote publicly on twitter how it's none of anyone's business and then blocked me.

I thought it was pretty immature on her part, and I don't think you are being unreasonable at all by wanting to get an answer. I don't know why she's so afraid of your story getting out, either she's thinking of her rep or that she's embarrassed, I dont know. I dont think it was fair either to her sellers or buyers that she just shut up shop and not write some sort of notice. Lulu is acting really unprofessionally to this whole matter and from the way she's reacting is causing people to think she really did set this shop up to scam people (I don't think this is the case but by not being completely honest in listings is rather cheeky...). I really liked Lulu so it's a shame that something like this had to happen to change my mind about her. I will pass on your story too, again I'm sorry I was so biased against you at first.

- R
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